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Google India Challenge Scholarship Inspiring Story

On 23 Nov 2017, Google India announced that it will train 1.3 lakh developers and students in the field of Mobile and Web Development. Google India partnered with technology learning platform Pluralsight and online education company Udacity for a new scholarship programme. This news came to Prabal Dhasman’s notice through a Sunday magazine of local newspaper. The registration for the scholarship began in Nov, 2018 and he applied for it in December 2018. He had then, passed his 12th grade and was a student of (CS). But, he has been computer nerd from childhood. He immediately enrolled in the scholarship and filled the form. The minimum age for applicants was 18 years and the person should of a citizen of India. The objective of this program was to create a new workforce in IT sector in India. The form was simple and it was mostly to inquire about the previous knowledge of the applicants. Prabal says that ” There are two categories for the scholarship one is Front End web development and the other one was Android Development track.” Prabal has an inclination for web designing so he preferred Front  End Web Development. He says that a person who applies for web development should have basic knowledge of  Front End languages like JavaScript. Html and others like Jquery and React.

Lakhs of students applied for this Nano degree scholarship by Google India. Prabal says, “His scholarship, began in May 2018.”

He adds that no sooner one is selected for the scholarship, they are enrolled in activities of Udacity programs. Later, they were filtered to 10,000 applicants on the basis of their performance and the projects given to them.  The time of scholarship is 6 months including 3 months before selection .i.e. the period after registration and this is the time when applicants have to complete different quizzes and projects. The work is subjected to be completed within a time limit or deadlines. But, this also a very interesting part of the scholarship when one gets chance to learn different things regarding their trade through best tutors of Udacity team. Applicants are also asked to help their friends in understanding things. The projects are checked by tutors and it is also checked whether the work is plagiarized or not.  Besides that projects are also sent back for improvements and thus making students ready for difficult situations. But, as the time goes the difficulty level also increases and the students are filtered from 10,000 to best 350.

Though getting to this elite 350 team who were to be the final scholarship holders was not easy for Prabal. When he had just a weak to submit his final project, he found that he was suffering from an internal injury. He caught the high fever and the time was running out. But, he did not give up, he took medicine and started doing his work slowly and steady. The last day of submission came and Prabal was coming from the hospital at 8 O’clock. He was drained out of energy for he was very weak from illness. He opened his laptop and realized that it was last date of submission and after midnight the project won’t be accepted. He collected courage and started working on his project but when he found his work was done, it was half past 12 . This  was a very disheartening moment for him. He wrote an application to his tutor along with the attachment of the work. To his utter delight, his work was accepted and he got place in 350 elite applicants.  Prabal was at cloud nine that day for he worked day and night and with  sheer endeavor to achieve his goal.

Then, the final stage of scholarship began. This was the most difficult part of the scholarship. He had to manage his time for exams in college and scholarship simultaneously. Finally, he got his certificate in November 2018 and he became the holder of Nano degree by Google.

Benefits of Google Nano degree:-

1) Free of Cost: It is a degree that is coveted free of cost but of course required certain skills in the applicants.

2) Credibility: Nano degree is a feather to the cap in the resume of a student. It increases his credibility.

3) Udacity Propel: Nano degree gives people lifetime access to Udacity hiring fairs.

4) Job Ready: The modules in this scholarship makes a person job ready.

Prabal says that Google India Challenge came was one of greatest opportunity of him to pursue sitting merely at home. He is now looking forward to big aims in IT sector.  Prabal has a habit loop application in his mobile and he tracks his daily performance through it. He says timetable matters a lot in one’s life. We congratulate all the 350 students who got Nano Degree from google and we look forward to many more to come.

Good Luck

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