National Energy Conservation Day at SMS Varanasi

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi celebrated National Energy Conservation Day on 14th December, 2015 at its Khushipur Campus. Keeping in mind the scarcity of natural energy and increasing global demand, a seminar on Energy Conservation was organized to discuss the measures to overcome the problem. Students from various streams along with the faculty members attended the seminar and discussed the various measures to save energy.

During his welcome address Prof. P. N. Jha (Director, SMS, Varanasi) extended a warm welcome to the participants and said that institution is regularly engaged in organizing such events relating to the society and environment as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. He further said that the actual crisis of energy is only because of inefficient manner of utilization. Through studies, it has been established that efficient use of electricity could result in saving of 23% what we consume. Energy of various forms can be saved by deeply taking care of it such as turning off the unnecessarily running electrical equipments and vehicle pooling on common routes.

Further in the session, Dr. Sandeep Singh (Professor & Dean – Development & Students Affairs) advocated on the conservation of energy by stating the facts that with per capita consumption of only 600 kwh per year, we are capable enough to meet the demands. What is required is the efficient use of same. He further said that we should save energy in order to gift the same to our future generation. If we will continuously exploit the resources, then our future generation will definitely face the scarcity of it.

During his deliberation Dr. Raj Kumar Singh focused on 3 P’s of sustainability i.e People, Planet and Profit in order to conserve the energy. He said that efficient energy conservation can be done by the proper coordination of Individual, Institution and Government. He advocated on the development of better public transportation system in order to conserve fuel.

Present on the occasion were Dr. M. P. Singh (Executive Secretary, SMS-Varanasi), Shri. Sanjay Gupta (Registrar, SMS, Varanasi) along with entire SMS Family. Programme was coordinated by Mr. Ashish Tiwari, Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi and Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Kamalsheel Mishra, Dean- Computer Sciences, SMS Varanasi.

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