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  • Top 10 Tips for Improving Your English Communication Skills

    • June 4, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on Top 10 Tips for Improving Your English Communication Skills

    So have you ever thought that you are being left out just because your way of communication is not that high as compared to others, which makes you feel inside like a really tiny person! In the present era, English is the language which is becoming very trending, useful and official to speak. A person speaking fluent English is seen as a winner for the donut, and everybody wants to grab a donut, but instead of just grabbing it, why not even get a chance of eating it?
    When it comes to English communication, everybody tends to feel shy to join a learning English class, and for some there isn’t plenty of time, I guess! But you can improve your communication skills by doing some basic things that you already do in your life.

    So here’s to the 10 things that you can rely upon if you are looking for improving your communication skills:

    1. Speak: Try to speak in a way so that you would feel confident in every word you say, though you say it incorrectly. Speaking is all about expressing yourself with the help of a voice, with the help of a sound. Try to speak in front of the mirror, because in some cases there is lack of confidence due to which there is a bad communication skill.

    2. Reading: Well, reading is a good habit, try to read newspapers daily, I know, that most of the youth is lazy when it comes to reading newspapers, but first it will improve your vocabulary, and two it will improve your general knowledge, which will give you a nice communication level plus some general awareness. It will benefit you as now people will think of you as more of a confident person with nice communication skills and generally aware, so you will be considered as smart in front of everyone. So think about it twice, and start reading the newspaper, it’s for you own benefit.

    3. Watching: These days Netflix, amazon prime, etc. these all are on fire. You can definitely improve your English with the help Netflix, amazon prime etc. and you would be thanking them later, not just for entertaining you but for teaching you communication skills. Start watching Hollywood series, you surely can take help of the subtitles as always, try to listen carefully, you will get to learn a lot of new words. And in watching you got entertainment plus free learning, I mean all you have to do is watch series and sit there with your bucket of popcorn.

    4. Music: everybody listens to music, whether it is dull, or low, high or lit, etc. try to listen English songs and listen to the lyrics carefully so that when you, later on, show your bathroom singing skills you could sing the proper song which would make proper sense and not eat a lot of words in between, which will make your English more fluent.

    5. Listening: Listening is an amazing activity, plus being a good listener is a skill itself. But the question arises is, how does listening help in improving communication skills? Well, when you hear something in fluent English you catch that grasp and try to follow it, due to which it benefits you. It teaches you how to speak the same words you speak every day in a more fluent manner.

    6. Dictionary: Learn a new word every day with a help of a dictionary. I know when you think of reading a dictionary instead of reading a novel or etc. but reading a dictionary is actually very beneficial for you. As with the help of a dictionary you come up with new words, you improve your vocabulary, and after some time you will realize that you have finally improved your English communication skills. All you have to do is just read around 10 new words from the dictionary. When you think about it, it seems weird, though the end result is very fruitful.

    7. Talking: try to converse in English with the people around you, so that not just you but even they could improve in themselves. When you will talk in English to your near and dear ones, you will built up a confidence level, and no doubt you will improve your communication skills. Because talking is an activity from which you can gain fluency.

    8. Tongue twisters: well there are many little games made in this Huge World. One of them is the tongue twisters. One should try to play tongue twisters as it is a good way to improve communication skills because it makes your English more fluent. There are numerous tongue twisters out there, example: She sells seashells on the seashore. The shells she sells are seashells for sure.

    9. Pick up a story in your language and then try to convert it into English, this will help you in many ways. Basically, it is translating one language from another, and it will help you in defining new words, building a whole storyline together, etc.

    10. Be Confident but Relaxed: stop taking the pressure when it comes to improving your communication skills, don’t bring out the stage fear in you. Many people get worried when it comes to communicating in English, but in the end the storyline is that you have to say it no matter what. Because if you keep on increasing your fear level you will never be able to gain confidence. You should be confident but relaxed too.English is a language and not a monster that will eat you up. And at the end you have to take care of your own self, so start reading a dictionary today and watch the episodes not just for fun but also for gaining some knowledge, some new words, and sing out loud the lyrics to your favourite English sons. Be confident enough while you speak but relaxed too.