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  • 6 Top Ways to Remove Procrastination Habit

    • September 26, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    Procrastination, a common term which is often used among youths. If a question is asked to the students about their irregular routine, they just simply answer PROCRASTINATION.  Let’s understand what is this term and how it affects the life of a human being.

    Procrastination means the habit of delaying work or postponing the work for some time. But in fact, that time never comes.

    You would be wondering that how this affects our life. It’s very cut and clear that not meeting the deadline of any work i.e. school work, office work, etc never yields a good result and have some later consequences. Consequences may be like punishment by the teacher, performing poorly in exams, no promotions in job, anxiety, hypertension, etc. So, it’s better to take the preventive measures than to suffer. Here are few tips mentioned below to overcome procrastination habit and if you adhere to them then I assure you that you will surely succeed.

    1. Be strict to yourself

    This is one of the most important steps towards overcoming this wrong habit. Just remember one thing “Everything else can wait”. This was the line which I embedded inside my head. Until you are strict towards your regular routine, no one can bring the result for you. When you are not able to follow your routine strictly then you come under depression and you ask yourself that “Why am I doing this”. This how various problems stick to you. So, it’s better to make the routine and adhere to it. In case you are not able to do it then punish yourself in the form of extra work, reduce your relaxing time. Believe me, this works and you become motivated to work sincerely and effectively.

    2. Make a to-do list

    Again this is one of the good habits that you should develop in order to achieve your goals. This habit has worked for many people across this globe and surely it will work for you too. Only the prerequisite is that just follow it regularly. This will make you organizable and time punctual person. You can take a piece of paper and in it mention the important tasks that you need to finish on the day. Read this task list repeatedly between the days in order to recall the tasks you are left with.

    3. Develop the habit of DO IT NOW

    Delaying the work is not a good habit and it has very hazardous consequences. Whenever you start doing any tough task, procrastinating it is very natural as we all are a human being and we don’t want to work out of our comfort zone. But if you want to become unique in this world then you have to do something special. Assume if Newton would not have noticed apple falling from the tree and researching on the fact, was it possible to learn about gravity. Indeed NO. The only reason was that he wanted to do something unique and he did in his own style. Similarly, if you want to achieve greater heights in life, then first you should know how to climb and make a plan beforehand.

    4. Do some exercise and yoga


    I advise you to take out some time from your daily routine and do exercise and yoga, whichever suits you. Be regular with this as yoga and exercise indirectly affect your health and your state of mind. It helps you to remain focused throughout the day and imbibes positive energy inside your body. It should be a part of your daily routine and give importance to it.     If you are positive throughout the day then there is a high possibility that you would complete your daily tasks.

    5.Reward yourself

    As you know, encouragement boosts confidence. In a similar way encourage yourself to do better each and every day. Keep yourself motivated and definitely, it will yield a good result. Small achievements make the bigger one if remained consistent and persistent. Reward yourself by watching a short movie, documentary, favorite tv shows, etc. which will freshen your mind and also your energy level.

    6. Avoid using social media

    It is hard to follow but you have to do it in order to achieve your goal. Rather, I would advise you to connect with the people around you by indulging in productive discussions. This will improve your interpersonal skills and along with that, you will see a change in personality. But on the contrary, using social media wastes a lot of time. In a research, it was found that students waste their 95% of the time in using unwanted apps in mobile. Doing this will distract you from achieving your goal and you will feel disappointed and demotivated. So, it is better to interact with people around you and to stay motivated and positive.

    So, friends, these were some important ways to overcome the habit of procrastination and to live a better life. Adhere to your routine and you will see an improvement in yourself.