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  • All You Need to know about BCA Syllabus and How to Prepare Yourself for the First Year?

    • February 11, 2019
    • Posted By : admin
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    If you have decided to do BCA after your intermediate examination it would be great for you as a student to know about few things about BCA beforehand.

    BCA courses are in high demand due to the hands-on experience of the software and IT industries.  After completing your BCA, you have several career paths, you can choose one path according to your choice.

    Let’s take a look at the subjects and courses you’ll study as a BCA student.

    Though syllabus varies from one university to another university and it gets modified every year to make more industry oriented, few fundamental learnings and concepts never get changed.

    Before getting admission to the BCA course, if you have a fair idea of the syllabus, you certainly will get an edge over other students and can prepare in advance.


    Fundamentally, BCA courses are divided into three parts, first part remains dedicated to basic coding skills and various programming languages, the second part contains Mathematical subjects and third part is all about hands-on experience, projects, and lab exercises and some business management skills.

    Let’s take a look in detail:


    1- Programming languages and other concepts:

    Programming languages are the heart of the BCA courses. In your first year of the course, you’ll learn the basics of C programming language. The C programming language is kind of base of almost all other languages, so if you get mastery in C programming, to learn other programming languages will become a child’s play for you. Apart from C, you’ll learn Core Java and advanced Java in subsequent years or semesters. You may encounter C# and Visual studios during the course.

    In BCA courses, universities try to lay the foundation of strong basics of computer application, from where a student can take his skills at a further level.


    1-Computer fundamentals:

    In this paper, you’ll learn the fundamentals of computer science, that includes the history of computers, binary numbers, octane numbers, etc. You will get to know about every tiny detail of the computer system. If you take this course seriously, you’ll be well versed with your computer system.


    2-System design and concepts:

    System design and concepts is a very important subject, here you learn about different kind of memories a system can hold. You’ll learn about various parts of a system and why are they so important and how do they work?


    3-Data structure and Algorithm:

    BCA course has the basics of data structure and algorithms. In BCA, they teach data structure and Algorithm using C programming language. To get a sound knowledge of any programming language, a student must understand the algorithm behind the code. In this course, you’ll learn about the execution time of code and how can you improve it using various data structures and algorithms.


    4-Database and file structure:

    Until and unless computers get vanished, databases are there to stay. Database and file structure course is all about data and files and how can you store data, files and how can you perform various operations on data and files such as adding, deletion, updating, etc.



    In this section, you’ll get an idea about various protocols in which whole computer network work. This course has the only very basic idea, if you want to explore it further you can learn it on your own or can do MCA after BCA.



    This is the era of E-COMMERCE and any course that does not talk about E-commerce, is certainly incomplete. In this course, you’ll learn about E-commerce platforms and how they function? Various elements and factors of E-commerce will be taught in this course.


    2-Mathematical subjects:

    For sound technical knowledge, you must know some mathematics. You need not be a maths pro but basics are necessary, that’s why BCA course includes some mathematics paper.


    A-Numerical analysis:

    Numerical analysis is about numbers, it includes various mathematics theorems and algorithms to enhance the capabilities of a system. If you practice carefully, this paper can increase your marks percentages.


    B-Elements of statistics:

    Statistics is gaining popularity among computer science students because of its high demand in data science and analysis. You just need to know elementary statistics and you are good to go to become a data scientist or data analyst.

    Statistics have been used extensively in big data theories that’s why BCA course includes it.


    C-Computer-based optimization techniques:

    Fondly known as CBOT, computer-based optimization techniques is a popular subject. Here, you’ll learn the basics of algorithms and theorems that optimize solutions.


    These are all technical aspects of the BCA course but if you want to be successful in the IT world, you must know a little bit of marketing sutra as well as some organization related courses. To equip a student with the right skills, you may get the following subjects in your BCA syllabus:


    Organizational behavior:

    Organizational behavior or OB teaches about the psychology of an organization. It’s all about rules and regulations followed by a corporate office. It also deals with various issues faced by the employees and tells how to tackle them.


    Business communication:

    Business communication is a vital paper. There is no use of your knowledge if you cannot communicate it properly and effectively. Business communication is all about communication etiquettes in the industry.


    Principle of management:

    This course teaches the fundamentals of management. How to manage your team effectively. How to make most of the use of available resources.


    Apart from that, sometimes, BCA courses include accounting and various principles of marketing.

    Each paper has hands-on projects so that a student can get practical exposure to the trending technologies and tools.


    Preparations for your first year:

    Mostly school curriculum includes computer science subjects but in any case, you have not learned ABC of computer science and want to pursue BCA then you should go through some basics of computer science. You can read any basic book available in the market about the fundamentals of computers and this will help you during your first year. BCA course is designed to prepare you for the software industry but if you learn some basics beforehand, you’ll reap benefits in coming years.

    Apart from this, if you are a Hindi medium student then try to improve your English reading and writing skills. Try to read a newspaper and something easy and more relatable like about your favorite video game. Your improved English skills will be beneficial throughout the course and afterward.


    Now, you have got a fair idea of your BCA, are you ready to rock your college life and future.

    Good luck!