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  • BBA- Eligibility, Syllabus, Scope, Fields & more

    • April 25, 2019
    • Posted By : Nandini Singh
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    BBA or Bachelors of Business Administration is a course that is integrated to prepare a student for the business operations and functions.

    Many opt for this course as it offers to create a foundation of business acumen by providing basic knowledge of business operations and enhancing managerial skills through crafted programs.

    BBA is one such course that is open to all fields. Whether it is Commerce, or Humanities, or Science, students from different backgrounds apply for this course as a business is not restricted to definite knowledge.

    Besides, BBA offers conceptual, theoretical, and practical knowledge in business operations, which can be useful for anyone regardless of specialization.

    After pursuing BBA, students interested in further studies can opt for an MBA or Masters in any particular discipline of their choice. Career options after BBA are endless as the business sector offers an ocean of opportunities.

    This course also aims to train the students in the management and leadership field through specific programs and practical learning methods, such as internships.

    Eligibility for BBA

    There is less fuss in getting admission to a BBA program as compared to other courses. This is because the criteria for entry is pretty simple and not restricted to specific fields or anything.

    Here is what you need to know before applying for a BBA course –

    • You must have completed your higher schooling, i.e., 10+2 from a recognized board of education.
    • You must have scored an aggregate of 50% or more in your higher schooling.
    • In some cases, there is an entrance test for admission in the course. The entrance test criteria vary from university to university. Candidates must be updated with the university guidelines and schedule for the entrance test.

    The favorable aspect of this course is that it does not require a particular subject in earlier studies’ curriculum. That is, a student from any background can apply for admission in this course.

    Here is a list of some known entrance tests required for admission in BBA in India-

    • AIMA UGAT 2018 (AIMA Under Graduate Aptitude Test)
    • SET 2018 (Symbiosis Entrance Test)
    • IPU CET 2018 (Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test)

    Suppose you have a keen interest in business operations, like management, leadership skills, human resource management, entrepreneurship, etc., and want an overview of everything related to business. In that case, BBA is the right course for you.

    Syllabus of BBA

    BBA offers an overview of all managerial subjects and business operations so that a student can step out in the industry with a basic knowledge of how a business is run and managed.

    This course syllabus is constructed to build the understanding of students in the business department and familiarize them with the related terms used in the sector.

    Here are the following things that are included in the syllabus of a BBA course-

    • Human Resource Management 
    • Principles Of Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Managerial Economics
    • Business Law
    • Effective Communication 
    • Management Accounting
    • Business Environment
    • Environment Management
    • International Marketing
    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Management
    • Production Management
    • Sales Management
    • Research Methodology
    • International Trade
    • Strategic Management & Business Policy

    Different colleges/universities have the above subjects crafted in their curriculum with practical training to enhance students’ skills and knowledge.


    As the number of business firms is increasing day by day, so is the industry’s number of job opportunities.

    There is a steady incline in human resource needs in the business sector, so BBA offers a good range of opportunities in the future.

    In today’s era of high competition, every person dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. This course will help you think more precisely about different aspects of running a business. Moreover, this course will provide you with the relevant managerial skills to handle your business efficiently and succeed in it.

    BBA offers a broader perspective of the business world. It is another advantage of this course. Students are equipped with relevant managerial skills at a very early stage through more practical than theoretical knowledge and help students in decision making.

    It provides students with leadership skills, by which they stay motivated and creative even in the worse situations.

    The primary reason for doing BBA is that it offers better job opportunities. Many sectors offer a high placement score after the completion of this course.

    This course acts as a lucrative career option in the world of business and corporate management. This is because it gives an edge over other students due to the practical knowledge students get in this course. Which also helps in career growth.

    The scope of this course is extensive because of the fields it constitutes. Such as Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, etc. These are some of the most widely pursued areas globally.

    Every business needs these departments to succeed and run efficiently. And with the growing economy, it is understood that these fields’ scope will only widen and diversify into more and more opportunities for business enthusiasts.

    Career Fields

    After completing three years in Bachelors in Business Administration, there is number of career opportunities.

    You can find and apply for sales and marketing, consulting services, banks, the finance sector, human resources, and more.

    The number of fields this industry offers is way too many to be listed down, but we can list down the most-chosen field of areas of business administration, which are-

    • Banks
    • Marketing Organizations
    • Educational Institutes
    • Business Consultancies
    • Multinational Companies
    • Financial Organizations
    • Export Companies

    Under these areas, various job profiles are vouched by students who have completed their course and are looking to make a career in the business industry only.

    Here are some popularly chosen job profiles after BBA-

    • Finance Manager
    • Business Administration Researcher
    • Human Resource Manager
    • Research and Development Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Information Systems Manager
    • Marketing Manager

    Finance Manager-

    The Finance Manager is accountable for the utilization and distribution of financial resources in a firm.

    It is a crucial job acquired by only experienced personnel who know how to handle resources in the best possible manner.

    A Finance Manager also plays the role of advising the business administration staff in their workings to enhance the output by minimizing cost and creating strategies to reduce the firm’s financial risk.

    Besides the above, he is also responsible for budget planning, analyzing market trends and competitors, and producing financial reports to understand its financial status better.

    A student can pursue postgraduation or diploma in Finance to climb a ladder that goes up to a finance manager’s post.

    With the required degree, there is also a requirement of enough experience in this field. A person with good experience in management and knowledge needed for Finance can apply for a job in this profile.

    This post’s requirements are- apt knowledge of Finance, experience in the management field, an analytical mind, commercial and business awareness, good communication skills, and ability to work under severe time constraints.

    Human Resource Manager-

    A Human Resource Executive is responsible for ensuring that the strategies and programs constructed by the HR department are appropriately administered.

    His job is to ensure that the organization’s working is efficient with adequate staffing who are keeping up the industry’s competitive standards.

    HR is one of the widely chosen job fields. Those who have the aptitude for recruiting highly skilled professionals and holding them in the firm are correct to be working in the HR department.

    They are responsible for all the firm’s staffing activities, such as recruitment, interviews, selections, hiring, etc.

    They are also required to manage and handle any dispute between different departments and their personnel. Their job requires them to resolve their issues and maintain a healthy working environment.

    The HR Manager ensures there is the healthy functioning of all the departments of the firm. And the employees can give their best to the company by motivating them through incentives and other benefits.

    Research & Development Manager

    The job of a Research & Development (R&D) Manager is very analytical and creative. He is responsible for brainstorming for new and innovative ideas for the company’s growth.

    An R&D Manager performs various highly essential roles within an organization. Being responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols into their company or organization, they also oversee new products.

    R&D Managers can choose their field according to their interests. Every area, including healthcare, technology, business, pharmaceuticals, etc., needs an R & D manager who takes care of their product details and adds more value to it through several research and development tools.

    Those interested in this field require an analytical and visionary mind capable of developing programs and strategies to build a product or service.

    The job of an R & D manager requires him to have good communication skills to communicate their thoughts well with the other departments and good managerial skills.

    This is the kind of job profile that is perfect for people who think out of the box and want to get into a challenging management field.

    Business Consultant

    A Business Consultant is hired to analyze the working of an organization and suggest improvements to make a company’s existing practices better and efficient.

    He can choose his field of specialization. For example, a hospital can hire a Healthcare Business Consultant to make recommendations on increasing the staff’s efficiency and developing employee training programs.

    Business Consultant duties generally begin with understanding what clients want to improve or fix. This includes reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices.

    Once the research is complete, business consultants may develop a new business model or prepare recommendations and present them to the client.

    You can get into this field directly after completing your undergraduate course. However, students with a Masters’s degree can have the edge over others and make advancement in their careers.

    BBA does not just open doors for private organizations, but it also makes a career in the government sector.

    Many government organizations hire BBA graduates in Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Business Development, Human Resource Management, Tourism Management, Real Estate, etc.

    Some of the government organization that hire BBA graduates for their business skills are-

    • Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO]
    • Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO]
    • Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited [BHEL]
    • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation[ONGC]
    • National Thermal Power Corporation Limited [NTPCL]
    • Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited [MTNL]
    • Steel Authority of India Limited [SAIL]
    • Gas Authority of India Limited [GAIL]

    These organizations have different recruitment processes, including an entrance test and interview conducted by the concerned department.

    There are numerous jobs in the private sector, and organizations are willing to take BBA graduates, as it is a course that gives them an overview of the business industry and its administration.

    For those who are searching for the right course to do or subject to study, you should keep searching with an open mind and do ample research to understand which is the best course for you. All the best!

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