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Is Coding Harder Than Math?

One may wonder Coding is as difficult as maths but the actual fact is coding is way easier. For coding one may learn the bits needed and a few techniques are all you need to sail through the course, Also you may learn various new things as you develop a better understanding. And then we have MATHS: Maths has a huge list of topics to learn and understand with no liberty to skip through it. Topics beginning with Counting and ending somewhere near to random Sequence extrapolation. Normally people wouldn’t have even heard of it. From the reference point of view, I am myself a degree holder in physics  (which is what I studied and is considered to be the closest one can get to mathematics without actually studying mathematics), the amount of maths I have learned only just scratches the surface of the ‘serious math’ level in the above image. And that’s already a huge part of maths. Coding, on the other hand, I taught myself in an about 4 months times and then landed myself a job as a junior developer. I have got a lot more to learn, but it’s nowhere as difficult as some of the maths I had to grapple when studying toward my degree.

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