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Same Teachers, Same Course, The Same Number of Hours but What is it That Makes Them Toppers

One might wonder how come the students who top the class study, we have same teachers, same course, the same number of hours but what is it that makes them toppers, unlike others. So here is the answer, the only difference is the study pattern they follow. A well-planned study pattern is what fetches the marks. They don’t mug up everything night before the exam rather they revise the course in a well-structured way. So here are a few steps you can follow to score good marks and be on top. 1. In class, be attentive to what the teacher is saying rather than looking around or chatting. Good listening skills and an ability to comprehend and put in on paper in the form of notes can be of great help. It doesn’t matter how messy your notes are, what matters you’re writing it as writing enhances the learning capability. Learning through writing is an age-old process and helps a lot during writing exams. When you are in practice of writing the same memorized words, it drastically increases your writing speed leaving much more time for revision. 2. While learning highlight keywords and stress on them while reading. Having learned for the first time, then memorize it for the second time, then repeat them together. When you go to the third, repeat all three and go on. This process might be a time consuming one but it further saves time during exams for any hefty revision on exam days. With the help of this method, you can learn Morse code in an about 20 minutes (if you memorize every 3 letters together and repeat everything you’ve learned.) 3. Visual Learning is the best form of Learning: use YouTube videos at a slower pace to make your understanding clear with a speed of 1.25.With time, you will get used to this pace; challenge yourself by increasing the speed to 1.5 and eventually 2, This will enhance the speed your mind takes in understanding and memorizing things and, without your knowledge, it will train your mind for learning things at a faster pace. Once you have got used to this process, go back to normal speed and you will feel like everything is being played in slow motion and that you’re not learning enough per moment and then again you will work on your learning.

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