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28 Fruitful Ways to Spend Time on the Internet!

We all are taken by the storm of social media but we need to use internet productively and carefully. Every one of us picks our phones more than a thousand times a day sometimes to call, to receive, to watch videos and sometimes just to pass time. Time doesn’t return even if we beg it to, so use it is cautiously. Passing time just for its own sake is a mistake you can not prefer to make in your life. Use the time you spend on your phones fruitfully so that it helps you gain more knowledge to help in ways in the coming future. Below is a list of websites you can visit in your free time which can help you in various ways: Ted Talks: Watch Ted Talks to enhance your knowledge in the field you are passionate about. Ted Talks are informative and confidence boosting. The researches made by professionals in many fields towards the benefit of society is explained and talked of by the researcher himself.   Wikipedia main page: Wikipedia’s main which is not that famous is very useful since it covers all the information one needs to be informed of at a glance. There are five columns including “From today’s featured article “, “In the news”, ”On this day”, “Did you know?”  and “today’s featured picture”.   Grovo: Strengthen your Internet skills 144 seconds at a time. It is a SaaS training platform built to increase organizational and employee productivity.   Lifehacker: Simplify your way of doing things by using Lifehacker.   Lumosity: Lumosity is brain exercising and gaming platform which helps in increasing attention and perform multi-tasks at the same time. Vocabulary: Its essential to keep learning new words and is the most intelligent way you can do it. Spreader- Spreeder is an online reading software built to improve your reading skills. Coursera- Coursera is partnered with various organizations and universities in the world to give free online educational courses to learners. Howtodothings– You can pay a visit to this site to learn to do anything step by step. Wikihow- Learn the how-tos in a systematic manner visiting this site. Freerice- Freerice is a platform whereby the United Nations donates rice for every question you answer right to the poor. Stumbleupon- It helps you find the best content on a particular topic. How Stuff Works- It is owned by Discovery Communications and helps its users explain and elaborate how things work. Goodreads- Visit Goodreads to find unbiased reviews on new books. TodayIfoundout- Learn some interesting facts every day. MIT Open Course Ware- MIT provides free online courses on this platform, you can learn new skills by using this gem of the Internet. Quora- Ask questions about anything you didn’t experience like, “How is to work in Malaysia?”, “Which books should I read for cracking TOEFL?”. Duolingo- Duolingo is an interesting web application to learn the basics of a new language. FastCompany- FastCompany is a website you can visit for a daily read. Entrepreneur- Entrepreneur showcases the most inspiring you can get motivated by. Investopedia- Investopedia shares financial and investment methodologies to make you aware of how to save money and invest it in a better way. LinkedIn- You must use LinkedIn for professional growth by uploading your resume and contacting with the fellow members. Coupondunia- Coupondunia showcases the concept of online coupons to help you save a big amount of money while shopping online. Blog on Wordpress- Wordpress is the best way for your business, researches or your artworks to have an online presence. Google Street View- Take a tour of the world without spending a penny. Pinterest- Pinterest is a fun way to look for information regarding your hobbies. Time management apps- Manage your day to day life with time management apps which cater to a lot of people in assisting them with their management skills. Spoken English- There are a lot of videos, blogs and online courses on how to speak better English and the tips and tricks they provide aids while communicating in English. The Internet is very useful given that we make better use of it in productive ways. Browse the internet for the development of your personal and professional life. It is up to us whether we use the Internet for better purposes or just for wasting time. Take a break from your work or studies to enhance your skills rather than browsing just for the sake of passing time and your energy as well. While online courses, Wikipedia, Ted Talks, wiki how are a boon to students and learners, it totally depends upon us whether we use these websites and applications to improve or not. This vacation, do something worth your skills and time. One can spend time unnecessarily browsing through others’ social media accounts but it is in his own hands that he uses his time effectively, wisely and efficiently at the same time.

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