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18 ways to become smarter!

You have everything you want but if you lack being smart, then nothing can be made use of. A smart personality always aids in accomplishing what we thought we couldn’t, so be intelligent and smart. Get your brains in the field, dear! It’s time to stop wasting resources and start creating new ways of using them. DO more with less! So here are 18 ways you can act upon to become smarter: Be in the present. Never fly airplanes in your mind. Be attentive at the place where you are with your mind in the present, talk cautiously and always link your mind to what the speaker is saying or the conservation is going about. Respond with full attention whenever you need to. Observe others perceptions about you Always think how you would think if the other person would have reacted the way you did. You get the best answer from being an observer yourself.     Listen before you speak. Never interrupt someone while having a conversation. It gives the impression that you don’t care about what the other person is speaking of. Never overspeak. Talk only when required while having formal conversations. Make mistakes a chapter to learn from. Always learn from the wrongs of your life and there you are like the greatest of people ever born. Mistakes shouldn’t be repeated and neglected. Instead, it should be learned from. Keep personal and professional lives separate. It is not good to tell everything about you as a person to the person who doesn’t need that information about you. You need to be specific but still friendly in a formal conversation. Never get obsessed with anything. Excess is always bad whether it be social media, TV or even studies. Don’t get obsessed with anything. Try and do different things at different times. This helps in ensuring the amount of effectiveness of a task.   Take breaks. Get out of your room and breathe in the fresh air. Damp air causes one to be lethargic. Step out after being in the four walls for even an hour. Comparisons are not good. Never compare anybody else with yourself in any terms, be it the likes or the views you get on Instagram, Facebook or your rank in your class. Never compare. Comparisons lead to jealousy and all ill kind of emotions rather than improvement. Pronunciation and mistakes. Pointing out others of their pronunciation would make you feel superior and there shouldn’t be something as inferior or superior. We are born to learn and we shouldn’t others mistake just to show off our knowledge. Self-esteem Never hurt anybody’s self-esteem, it not only creates enemies but also lowers down you as a person. In your subconscious mind, you are the guilty if you did so because you would never want someone to do it to you. Being not so cool. You are not “cool” in others eyes but be sure that you are firm in your beliefs so as not to copy the so cool people. And you are cool for yourself that way. Believe in your decisions and ask yourself, if at any point you feel pressurized to perform an activity, such as drink or cheat, why do you feel not to do that particular activity. Thinking Thinking is itself a big problem so if someone thinks you as boring or as an idiot, don’t care! Because you know your worth and you will soon prove it by ignoring what others say or think about you. Remember, you have categorized them as “others” for a reason. Maintain good hygiene and stay healthy. Do not be someone else because you can never be comfortable being someone else. Do not do anything for the sake of others. It is important that you maintain good hygiene for yourself but wearing short clothes in winter and getting cold just to show off is stupidity. Exercise regularly to maintain yourself and to keep yourself balanced. Wear what you like Never wear what others are going to like but wear what defines your style and you as a personality. Be friendly. Do not be rigid just because you think in a certain way but others don’t. Be open to new ideas and opportunities. Read what you don’t like. If you don’t like reading something, try and read it so that you can tell why you didn’t like it. “Why” is always more important than “What”. Join online course. Instead of watching TV, join online courses which fascinate you and you are keen to follow them every day. Always remember to question. If you are not able to understand or follow something, be clear as to why you don’t want to follow it or why you are not able to get it. Ask questions so that understand what you weren’t able to in the first place. Thanks for reading!                          

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