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Hooray! I am over you, Problems!

  The 10th of October is observed as World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organisation. WHO(World Health Organization) has its focus on the topic  “Young people and mental health in changing world”. Let’s celebrate the day by perceiving Mental Health in a new way. Today, all of us need to take a pledge that “We are here to survive all that comes our way.” Change in our perspectives can help change our prejudiced mindsets. Mental illness is just like any other disease and it shouldn’t be looked on as a bad thing. Those who suffer from mental health illness aren’t doing a wrong thing by visiting a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, rather they are doing the right thing by treating what they are suffering from. In today’s busy life, mental illness is quite common among teenagers, adults and old aged people. Any kind of mental illness is not to be looked down on. The taboo regarding mental health is widely acknowledged by people from all courses of life. Though, not many people come forward to speak about their or their relatives’ illness. For example, depression is a common mental illness and it needs to be treated and taken care of. One shouldn’t ignore a disturbed mind, anxiousness, and melancholy prevailing for a longer period of time. Mind and behavior walk hand in hand, if you are suffering from any of the mental disorders, then it would definitely reflect a change in your behavior If you want to live life happily, then you should take care of your physical as well as mental wellbeing. Do not be afraid of people’s reactions. All of us are following the trail to live a happy and fulfilled life. And we should help each other with compassion and hope. We all are a part of the journey towards a balanced life. We should encourage people to speak up, and help them in expressing their emotions. You, me, all of us need to be together in this fight against this prevailing problem. You need to cross the ocean of unfavorable circumstances without measuring its depths. There is no point getting rid of anything without fighting it or facing it.   Mental illness does not represent Doomsday, but why do we feel it as the end of the world? It is like any other disease. Not paying a visit to Psychiatrist just because of fear is not a solution. Ignoring itself is a wrong notion. In the long run, one’s condition might worsen if it is kept unchecked. Take a step ahead and go for a check-up. It is said that all underlying mental disorders begin developing at the age of 14. Help the blooming flowers of our society, the children and the teenagers by letting them know that you are there to accompany them in this war of belief and disorders. Try to accept your current mental state and work on it with a professional in the field. The fun is in fighting like a warrior with Problems and coming back as a winner after defeating what was not ‘you’. To be the way you want yourself to be, believe in yourself. Believe because you are what you dream to be. Believe and relieve yourself from the fear of losing your true self. Living a balanced life is in our hands, we need to get up, get going in order to face and leave the sickness on its own. Life is all about surviving the odds. There are some tips to calm your mind such as exercise regularly to avoid laziness and lethargy. Meditate on a regular basis and get inspired by nature to be like the rain showering or the trees growing. Keep yourself busy in attention-demanding activities.  eating junk food or regular consumption of alcohol stimulates disorders, might be many of them at the same time. Beware of unhealthy food! They can eat you up! Eat healthy, protein-rich foods and avoid sweets and fried food. Even in adverse conditions, have an optimistic attitude. Don’t occupy yourself with negative thoughts. Listen to podcasts, other people’s experience and there you are, ready to win in the battlefield of your belief and negativity.  Never restrain yourself from seeking help. Seeking help or talking about your needs can help you get over you’re underconfidence. Never lose trust in yourself, everything will be sorted, be it any kind of illness. Go to a park near you, spend time with kids playing there and try to communicate. This helps a lot. Every experience is a chapter that is questioned when we are in difficulties. Learn from it. Solve its exercises and be their master.  Never give up! You can do anything you want to because you can, you should and you must! And lastly be your best friend and smile more.

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