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How Can You Make Your Career in Graphic Designing

It’s a process of Creative visual communication through photography and illustration to inspire, inform or to attract customers. Graphics has been part of humans since the existence of Cavemen, as they used to draw in Caves. An illustration based on the culture and daily routines were painted or drawn in manuscripts of an ancient civilization which shows that the designs were part of humans since then. Everyday work of graphic designers includes Come up with creative ideas that please your client or audience. Select the appropriate layout and style. Present the design to our clients. Review errors in your design before the process. Keep updated with new software. Training Usually a bachelor’s degree is required. Candidates are usually asked to maintain a creative and appealing portfolio. Take internship available. You are almost there! After your degree in the respective field, just prepare yourself for the journey of becoming a graphic designer by following the steps. First thing A designer will surely have to possess the skill of observing and analysing the works. The skill is a must to have skill throughout your career. Don’t wait Grab a project and start working on it as it will boost your confidence plus experience will be added to your portfolio. Know your clients pretty well. Every client is different from one another therefore take note to understand their requirements and then proceed with your designs. Always check your work by sharing your work to colleagues or someone who is working on this field. By the time you are in this field, make sure you’re well versed with vector graphics image editing and among others. Example: Photoshop. Try to learn other specialties like brochure design, web design, logo marketing extra. Learn graphic design theory. Keep learning through the website. Example ‘Coursera’. Programs to be mastered Adobe design It is a software application produced to create brochures, flyers etc. Adobe Photoshop Used to edit and enhance your graphics or images thereby making your work much easier. Adobe Dreamweaver It helps in creating designs faster and in the appropriate size for publishing on websites. CorelDraw It helps in drawing pictures, including symmetrical pictures for illustrations. It comes up with different features. GIMP It helps to create or manipulate images and comes with special features   Tools to keep Handy Monitor calibrator It ensures the quality of your work from screen to printing. Sketchbooks It’s for sketching your ideas and noting down creative ideas now and then. It is good to carry the sketchbook along with you. Laptop or desktop. Keep a system that is having a good graphics card. It will help you to see and make changes in your design. Hard drive. It should have a good capacity to save all your files, and also good writing and reading speed. Job prospects Multimedia designer Logo designer Flash designer Layout artist Freelancer Art director Lecturer Web Designer Photoshop artist Brand identity designer Interior designer   Multimedia designer He works on sound or art, and use technical skills to apply to software applications. Film productions, audio design etc. are the field where the multimedia designer can work. Web designer As the name suggests they work on designing the web layout. They can be hired for advertising companies, website development companies. Logo designer Simple logo is given a professional look by these people. They are usually hired for Agencies, companies etc. for designing their logos. Brand identity designer They are the ones who create identity for a company. They combine messages and words. Flash designer Make designs receipts or animations using vector graphics. They make sure the quality of the images isn’t lost. Layout artist The duty of the layout artist will primarily be creating appropriate layout for flyers, brochures, pictures to keep them in a presentable manner. Freelancer A graphic designer can work his or her own without being engaged in a particular company by publishing his or her works on websites. Lecturer One has pursued a degree in graphic design can work as lecturer also to teach young people graphic design. Photoshop artist A person who is skilled in using Photoshop and knows to handle the software quite well can also work as a Photoshop artist. Interior designer One who has learnt graphic design can implement the knowledge to create good designs for interiors. To sum it up Technology has taken over our lives for good since the past few years. Same thing has happened in the case of designs as well. Technology has made designing quite wonderful and easy by the help of sources mentioned above. Therefore pursuing a career in graphic designing is a creative and profitable choice that you would have made.

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