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How to Read English Newspaper Effectively in an Hour?

Reading the newspaper can be a tedious task especially when if you do not have an interest in the newspaper. You may think for a while to have a good amount of knowledge and wants to know about the international relations. There are many ways to get through this newspaper but there are many pre-requisites. In order to complete the newspaper efficiently and effectively, you need to follow a few mandatory steps. The right attitude with the correct mindset is required. Understand the reason for reading the newspaper and you will find it very easy to tackle the newspaper. While reading the newspaper make sure that you understand each word clearly and able to understand the reason for its use in that reference. Here a few important steps are listed below in order to make reading a cake walk for you. Do adhere to them and definitely, you will get a fruitful result. 1. Identify what type of news you want to read This is one of the major steps toward reading. It is very similar to setting a goal. If you do this then your speed of reading will automatically increase. Whenever you feel to give up reading just remember your reasons to start reading. This will keep you concentrated and focused your probability of getting deviated becomes very less. Often people read the newspaper to know about the top headlines going all around the world. But if you are a student, merely reading the headlines is not going to benefit you till the time you do not understand each and every word clearly. This also helps you in building your vocabulary. You should understand very clearly which new is of your interest and what not? If you know what you have to read than it becomes very easy to go through various articles of the newspaper. This also increases your reading speed along with efficiency. 2. Develop a positive attitude If reading is your hobby than definitely, you are going to enjoy reading. Instead of thinking newspaper as a burden make it a part of your daily routine. Believe me, it is going to help you in a long run. Think about what amount of knowledge you are going to get with this habit and also it is going to help you in developing writing skills. Mugging up the facts and data is of no use rather than analyse it. If you are preparing for any competitive exam than consider newspaper as your Bible. 3. Have a quick look at the headlines Reading each and every article is not an easy task. It is very common to have newspaper full of not so important article. Do not be in hurry and read each article by analysing it to the depth especially the editorials. As soon as you open the newspaper, have a quick look at every article. So that you get an overview of that day news. 4. Change your reading speed Giving more time to the important article will be more beneficial for you especially the editorial section. Having a view to only those articles which are less important can be fruitful. Some article can be skipped or read very fastly without much analysing. News of national importance should be emphasised more and must be read briefly. As per the students are concerned, editorials must be the first priority and should be read very carefully. 5. Do not re-read the line This usually happens with the starters. While you read the newspaper, it must be done in one go. As soon as you finish it and have self- doubt in your understanding just scan it quickly without wasting time in it. This will enable you to quickly finish the reading and get back to another work. Many people have a tendency to talk to themselves while they read an article. This should be strictly prohibited and must never be done as it creates a bad impact in the mind. 6. Ask yourself questions It is one of the best methods to remember any topic for long last. Keep asking yourself why this article has been written, what is the importance of this article, what have you learnt from this, etc. This how you will resolve your own doubts. Also what you can do is make your personal notes and revise whenever you get time but it would be better if you make this habit a part of your integral life. 7. Focus on the content In some articles, you may find that the content is very not relatable to the main topic. In such a case you can avoid unnecessary content. When you become engrained to this habit of reading than you would easily differentiate between a good article that needs to be read an article that is of no importance. So, friends, these were some important tips to read a newspaper in an hour efficiently. You would get engrained to such an extent that without reading you would find your day incomplete. If you adhere to the above-mentioned points than I assure you that after a month you will become an avid reader.      

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