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DR. A.P.J Abdul Kalam: A motivational source for students

Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, a name which is not conventional for Indian citizens and also for foreigners. An inspiration and idol of many employees, scientists, students and many more. He was better known for his attitude towards life and the struggle which he faced during his journey from childhood to presidency. As a student, we can learn plenty of lessons from his life as he had already mentioned in his books. From his motivational speeches, he has inspired many young minds along with many matured people. He always emphasised on the ways to develop the personality and that can be best done by learning. He had mentioned his opinion about the country and also about the ignited minds in his various books which became the best seller at their respective time. As many of us would be knowing that he hails from South India. He comes from a humble background and a weak financial background. But still, he managed to achieve his goals and to make an immense contribution to this country in the space programme. Popularly known as MISSILE MAN OF INDIA, wrote various books in which he mentioned about his life, his journey from failure to success and also about his Vision 2020. None would have ever thought that a child who hailed from a small background would make such an incredible contribution to this country. Now the question is that what we can learn from his life? So, here I am mentioning a few important points that one can learn from his attributes. 1. Set Your Goal Dr Kalam always emphasised on setting the goal first rather than striving towards perfection. He defined a dream as a target that does not let you sleep. He always motivated and inspired youth to think big and persistently strive toward it. Till the time you are not clear-headed about your aim, a person can not achieve anything in life irrespective of the hard work he put to his work. 2. Be Humble and Grateful to others Dr Kalam was well known for his humble and grateful nature. Though he held the various designated post of the country still his attitude remained as that of a common citizen. His simplicity made him great and unique. We can learn from him the way to live a simple life. His extraordinary thinking and self-belief were the core reason for his excellence. He always stressed on developing creativity as creativity leads to logical thinking and thinking leads to imagination. This how he thought for the youth. I would suggest you go through his books in which he had penned about his journey and ha is anticipation from the youth of this country. 3. Improve Your Knowledge As Kalam always said that knowledge is the biggest power a man can have. But the pre-requisite is that he should know how to gain this power and how to use it in the right manner. Reading is one of the best habits that one can develop in order to become a knowledge-rich person. Everything in this earth is liable to get finished one day but knowledge once gained is forever with you until you die.  Knowledge makes you a humble person and a human being is aware of his surrounding and about this world. Start reading from today and strive towards achieving your goal. 4. Practical Learning Practical knowledge is long lasting and you are able to grasp it quickly and easily. Along with theoretical knowledge, a student should emphasise on learning developing your practical knowledge as it will improve your imagination, As it is well said that the brain is like a machine. The more you use it, its efficiency increases. 5. Embrace the Challenges Accept the challenges and keep moving forward. This was the philosophy of late Dr Kalam. The person who gets exhausted during their journey needs to take a bit of rest then get back to work.  Bravest are the ones who do not succumb to the adversity and work towards making out their grand success. They never bow down to the adversity and their personality automatically gets enhanced. Challenges are the part of life and they need to be embraced. Until you do not face them you would not be able to accomplish the goals. Life always pushes you hard, it’s up to you that how you defend yourself. 6. Leadership Qualities Dr Kalam who was a well-known leader defines a leader as the person who can see vison, unexplored the different path and can defeat every problem. A leader is one who leads from the front and is responsible for the team. He takes responsibility for the team’s failure and gives the credit to its player for the team success. He is cooperative and responsible for the team integrity. He motivates his men and stands by them at their tough time. To become a leader, pre-requisite is to be a good manager. A person who can manage himself has the tendency to bring the transformation in the world. So, these were some important attributes from  Dr Kalam’s life that a student can learn and implement in his own life. I hope you will adhere to these points and surely will transform your life.  

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