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5 Ways to Develop English Communication Skills To Ace The Corporate World

Successful leaders are able to effectively communicate with others. Are you? Communication skills always play an important role in one’s success. Whether it is an interview for a job or a presentation at the workplace, your success depends upon your interactive skills. It matters that how effectively are you able to express yourself. Communication skills cannot be built in a week or a month. If you want to ensure your success than you have to become a fluent English speaker. Let us understand the importance of developing English communication skills. At present, if you give a competitive exam and if you clear it’s written stage than you have to face the interview in order to get the offer letter. Especially in the corporate world, there is no such company who directly recruits you on the basis of your talent. Talent works to an extent. After showing your knowledge to the recruiter, you are required to lay down your personality. This is where the HR comes into the role. You cannot impress an interviewer by rhetoric talks rather you have to prove what you say. People may dismay you by seeing your communication skills but you need to not feel down. This you can take as a challenge for bringing a change in yourself. Let me warn you from following some unsubstantiated advice which is widely spread in the society especially on the internet. Some of them include: Watching English films and TV shows. Listening to English songs Mugging up the dictionary Making yourself a storehouse of English vocabulary. These 8 tips can immensely help you to enhance your communication skills along with writing skills: 1. Set a Target This is one of the most important steps that most people avoid. Keep a target and strive hard to achieve it. If you want to become a fluent speaker in a month or in a year, that totally depends upon your tenacity? So, it’s better for you to set a target and boost your preparation according to it. It has been found in a research that setting a target and evaluating yourself on the daily basis improves your overall result. As it is rightly said that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. In a similar way, you have to keep patience and have to believe in yourself. 2. Start Reading As it is well said, “Readers are Leaders”. Similarly, you should develop the habit of reading. Read magazines, newspaper, novels, etc. A lot of stuff is available on the internet and the market itself. Reading will help you indirectly in improving your communication skills. It will make your vocabulary rich and enable you to know about the ways to express your feeling as a writer do. Include reading in your daily routine as it will give you the fruitful result. Do not read-only for the formality but for understanding and improvement. Reading novels of your interest will definitely help you to complete them within a day or a weak. 3. Do Mirror Speaking If you are afraid of speaking English in front of public than speaking in the front of the mirror would definitely work. One of the main advantages of this habit is that you get to know about your verbal expression. Knowing about your verbal and non-verbal expression is as much important as speaking fluently. Till the time you do not express clearly, there is no use of fluent speaking. Aftermath regular mirror speaking you will see an improvement in yourself. 4. Observe Good Orators Observing is one of the most important qualities of a fluent speaker. As we know, human being learns 40% of the things from the surrounding. Similarly, learn from good orators. Observe how they use their gestures, stage, facial expressions in order to influence others. If possible interact with them and learn their strategy. After you got it, implement it yourself. Learn from others as much as possible because it’s merely impossible to learn everything by books and teachers. 4. Interact with New People Meeting new people will help you in developing interpersonal skills. Communicate in English with new people and also ask them about your weak areas. By knowing your limitations you can work upon them and strive towards achieving perfection. Talk to your friends, family members in English and also ask for the suggestions. As we find ourselves comfortable in speaking Hindi. Similarly, if we continuously speak English than we will prefer this language over Hindi. 5. Participate in Debates and Seminars More you participate in public speaking more you become confident. Participating in debates and seminar will reduce your stage fear and more confidently you will come out. This will boost up your confidence and also enhance your fluency. So, these were some important tips to develop communication skills. Developing these skills will not only help you in getting a job but also in overcoming the obstacles of life. If you adhere to above-mentioned tips than I assure you that success will be at your feet.            

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