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How To Remain Focused In This World Full Of Distractions?

If you are having a hard time staying focused with so many distractions present all around, then this article is indeed for you. Go through the article once to get the fruitful result. “Arise, awake and clinch your goal” These motivating lines of Swami Vivekananda inspires today’s youth to achieve goals and strive hard towards excellence. In ancient times, there was an environment which enabled the student to learn from his surroundings. But in contrary, this era has become a plethora of distraction. Unless a student is determined towards achieving his goal, it becomes very difficult for him to remain focused in his life. A right direction in life has become mandatory for a student to remain in the path of success.  There are many things which often distracts student and other people from their goal. Technology has become one of the biggest distraction in this world for those who do not utilise it efficiently. Electronic gadgets in the hands of small children have led to very serious problems. Children have started trivialising studies and socialising only for the smartphones. It is robustly challenging to bring students back to the right path of excellence through parent’s guidance. If you have become one of the victims of this distracting world then I recommend you to read this article and adhere given tips. 1. Make A List Every morning, start with making a to-do-list. This list will include the important tasks that you need to get done before going to bed at night. Start with the most important task and coss it off once you finish it. This how you would become focused on your work. If you feel exhausted while working, take a short break. You can read your favourite novel, watch a short video, etc. Do not get involved in the same task. Switch to next as soon as you finish off any task. 2. Declutter The Items Having too many objects in the desk can be a reason for distraction. It may dismay you from achieving your target. Keep yourself clearheaded and devote your time and mind both on the work.  Once you start implementing this habit then it will be a cake walk for you to manage time and you would realize that you are left with plenty of time. Whenever you sit for studying, ensure that your study table is surrounded with the items you require. Ex. If you are studying Geography than Geography book should be at your table, not a laptop or mobile phone. 3. Make A Routine Until you do not make your own timetable, you are going to waste your plenty of time. Make short-term goals and have a desire to achieve them. Including your daily activities in your routine and allowing a definite time to each activity will make your time punctual and disciplined. Giving the surplus amount of time in a less important activity would certainly reduce your daily efficiency. So, it becomes important to prioritize your daily tasks and allow time accordingly. 4. One Task At One Time Doing many tasks at the same time would reduce your efficiency as you will not be able to focus your energy on a single task. So, it is better to take one task and devote your full time to it. As soon as you complete that one switch to next. This how your efficiency of working will increase. Your full devotion to the single task at a time will yield the positive results. This way you remain focused all over the day. When you continuously accomplish your tasks as per schedule you will get motivated and energetic. 5. Be Cool, Calm, Cheerful If you are not able to follow your timetable to full extent, then do not dismay yourself by doubting on your capability. It is alright to miss out some least important task from your daily routine. As we are humans and not robots. So, this may happen but make sure that you do not get demotivated or feel down. If any task is missed than switch to next without wasting any time. In your free time, you can complete the pending one. Keep yourself motivated each and every day and that can be done by reading motivational books, motivational videos, meeting to your favourite person. This will boost up your performance and indirectly your performance. 6. Analyze Your Performance Each night before you go to bed, do not forget your analyse your performance of the day. Tasks that you were able to complete and also those that are still pending. Make a strategy to complete all the tasks for the next day. This will also improve your retaining power as you will become used of recalling the things. Next morning, start with making a to-do list and follow the same routine as discussed above. 7. Pen Down The Things When you get a plethora of thoughts and you are not able to focus on a single task. So, writing down the thoughts is the best way to remain single-minded. This will keep you away from negative emotions and thoughts. So, these were few tips for focusing on your work and increasing your working efficiency. Hope you liked it. If you have some other way to remain focused, do share your ideas in the comment section.

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