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CAREER SCOPE IN MASS COMMUNICATION In the recent 50 years, we all have witnessed very unprecedented growth in the world of communication and mass media. The days are gone when a short or sweet report could get the message across the masses quickly. Not only we can see a change in the world of communication but also a change can be seen in the targeted audience. With the huge increase in the number of television sets, news channels, radio stations, advertising is seen growing by the day, the field seems to be reaching an unmatched growth. Until the invention of TV, mass media meant newspapers and magazines, and journalism was seen as a public service call. With the changing economy in today's world, media has now diversified informs and ownership. The rise of the new mass media has created a whole new range of possibilities and job profiles such as Disc Jockeys or Radio Jockeys that were not seen earlier but are becoming a good job option these days. Benefits of pursuing mass communication: 1. The power of Creativity can be increased Mass communication as a subject opens up a lot of opportunities to dive into a lot of creative fields, and undoubtedly they can also be seen contributing to increasing one’s creativity and aesthetic value. If you are a hardworking, persistence, concentrated, and have various creative endeavors, you would definitely go down the lane of success in this career. You can easily differentiate between your thinking power, which can be seen as a very essential part of every profession. Through audio and video production, people may get the opportunity of learning the technological skills, which they can apply later in their profession. 2. Keeps you up-to-date with a lot of things All modern organizations seek for employees who are well aware of the usage of advanced tools and technology. For the good growth and development of any organization, it is important for you to be aware of the means to increase productivity. And this becomes quite impossible if you don’t have any knowledge about the equipment. Human resource is an important asset of any organization. Time can also be seen as another important factor. You can perform many tasks more efficiently than you would have got them done manually. You should try to present your skills in a brand new way. 3. You get freedom in Mass Communication As we all know there are six core subjects, you may get the freedom of widening your area of interest and gathering knowledge and experience in the same. Here, you may have the opportunity of applying all your gathered knowledge in your desired field of choice. You can always carry on your research-work on whatever you have been taught by the lecturer or in the classroom. So, you can have variety, which does not make your work irritating or monotonous. 4. Helps you maintain a good social life As we all know, Mass Communication mainly comprises of Public Relation, it helps you to inculcate some soft skills, which later on can be seen effective for maintaining a good public relation. You can easily maintain this in either your family, friend circle, or office. Communication greatly contributes much more to the development of your relationship with others. For instance, you may not be able to convince your customers to want effective communication. Mainly, communication can be categorized into three groups- written, oral, and communication through the body-postures. So, to communicate effectively and efficiently, one must learn how to convey their thoughts to others. Equally, they should carefully listen to others so that they can be attentive to others’ opinion or feedback. So, by this, we can say that listening plays a vital role in communication. Here, people get an opportunity to study people, interview people, write about people, meet people, and research on people etc. 5. Helps you in decision-making As and when you get to handle a variety of people, you have the scope of becoming psychologically wise and good at decisions. Mass Communication helps you to enhance your knowledge about the multi-cultural environment around you and adapt like your situation. We can see people coming together who come from various different backgrounds- whether financial, cultural, political, psychological, and educational etc. You must be aware of various problems that are constantly arising out of various different perspectives. This shall make you strong, and you may be benefited while making important decisions in life. You must be aware that decision-making is an important part of any profession. It also helps us to become cool & calm in our personal life. 6. No prior experience is required To study a subject in Mass Communication, one does not need any prior experience as one may in other subjects like science, commerce, or literature and language. For example, if you want to pursue Honours in English, you should have passed the higher secondary examination with arts field along with some advanced knowledge in the subject, including grammar and vocabulary. But, no such prior experience is needed for studying Mass Communication. You can also switch on to this course after completing your graduation or post-graduation level. This course is open to all students, irrespective of the various different streams, like science, arts, commerce, or management. Eligibility Criteria for Mass Communication Courses Although the eligibility criteria vary from college to college mostly it depends on the below- mentioned factors: For the undergraduate courses: Mostly undergraduate courses only require successful completion of Class XII from any board. For post Graduate courses: the postgraduate course would require the candidate to be below 30 years of age and must have completed the Bachelor's degree in any discipline. Some would also prefer work experience. Job Prospects As one can already see the industry is doing quite well for itself and is predicted to do well for more years. The students of this course can look forward to working in different public relations, television, films, publishing, journalism, editing, direction, etc. The one thing you must remember while you apply to the industry is that people with strong people skills and a head for communication will be preferred any given day over others. This job requires the aspirants to be skillful, energetic and also creative. Some of the job profiles are: ? Sound Engineer ? Film Director ? Public Relations Officer ? Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder ? Special Correspondent ? TV Correspondent ? Producer ? Radio Jockey/ RJ ? Screenwriter ? Art Director ? Editor ? Event manager ? Video Jockey ? Fashion Photographer Cartoonist ? Illustrator Pay Scale Mass communication has attractive and high paying jobs such as journalist, actor, director, editor, screenwriter, RJ, producer, VJ is available to the talented and trained students. Starting salary for amass communication professional can be between Rs 12,000 and 25,000 depending on your communication skills. After a good 5 Years of work experience, a professional can expect a higher salary in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per month. Fees of the Mass Communication Course: Mass Communication courses from various government colleges will have lesser fees than private colleges. The fees may also vary from course to course. If your course comprises multimedia education as well then it will probably cost you more than the core mass communication and journalism courses. The fees of government colleges may vary from Rs. 11,659 to Rs. 1,10,000 for the entire course. However, fees for mass communication courses offered by a private university may vary from Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 3.5 lakh for the entire course.

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