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What Is PGDM Course And Its Benefits?

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is very popular in India.PGDM is recognized in India as similar to an MBA degree. Offered by many management institutes in India. In India, the autonomous business schools are recognized by AICTE  can offer only  PGDM course, whereas an MBA post-graduate degree can be awarded by university-affiliated colleges only, MBA and PGDM are a two-year full-time program. Though the curriculum of the PGDM and MBA degrees are almost the same, the MBA degree is exam-oriented and concentrates more on theoretical aspects of management whereas  PGDM is industry-oriented and focuses mainly on developing soft skills and offers practical working knowledge industry. How to choose a PGDM Specialization? Once you have decided to pursue PGDM program, the next step is to opt for a specialization. It is a very important decision for a management aspirant to choose a stream. This is because you have to spend the next two years studying the subjects related to it. Also, the recruiters will hire you on the bases of your specialization. For example, if you have pursued PGDM in HR then you will be hired by a recruitment firm for the role of an HR. What Are The Various Types Of Specializations In PGDM Course? PGDM in Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Finance covers financial management, cost accounting, mergers, and acquisition, etc. Finance is the lifeblood of any organization irrespective of its size, location or nature of the business. A management degree in finance will open many opportunities for you. PGDM in Human Resource Management As we know that manpower is the backbone of every organization. HR is a person in the organization who hires the employees based on the requirement of the company and deals with their overall work and development process. As an HR, you have to deal with talent acquisition, payroll, industry trends, government regulations, performance management, organization insights and much more. PGDM in Operations PGDM in operations is focused more on technical subjects. You will get the opportunity to learn six sigma principles(Six Sigma success is based on five key principles: Focusing on customer requirements), quality management, logistics, etc. PGDM in Marketing Marketing is the most dynamic field. It involves brand management, marketing strategies, advertising, business trends, and patterns. There is a number of other specializations course, like tourism, supply chain management, retail management, etc. These specializations are mostly are mostly preferred by professionals who have gained relevant experience in that particular field. Steps to Choose PGDM Course Specialization Students should consider a few basic things before they choose a specialization. It commonly happens that students choose a particular specialization while enrolling for a PGDM. It is better that you should think before from all perspectives first then take a decision and after taking a decisive stand firmly on it Goals and aspirations It is most important that you should have specific goals for yourself. If you think you are more technically inclined, the operation is an ideal choice for you. In case you are more of a people’s person who understands human psychology, you are suitable for an HR role or marketing. Similarly, if you dream to be an investment banker or like to play with numbers, then go for finance Educational background It is said that people from engineering background should go for specialization in operation. If you have got some expertise or degree in accounts, it is needless to say that finance is your field. A more creative individual should choose marketing. You can think on similar lines for HR. PGDM College Once you make your mind and sure about your aims and interest, choose a college that offers the desired specialization that meets your requirements. The college should provide better placement opportunities. Another key point, make sure that the college or university has the necessary accreditations and approvals from AICTE, UGC, and government.

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