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Selling the products with the right attitude is what sales are all about. Anyone can come to the field of sales as long as you know the product you are going to sell and you have the tactics of convincing the customers. ? This is a field where the profit is determined by you. want to know how? The product that you sell whatever it may be will be having a fixed rate so. Not only does that comes to you but also the commission associated with it also comes into your pocket. Isn’t that cool? For example: If you are selling the setting property, the current rate of the land plus the commission comes to your hand. this way you can earn really well as a salesperson. ? Always changing field sale is something that keeps changing with the trend for the customers. Therefore one may not feel bored out of Monotonous working environment. in sales you end up meeting new people in new places. Often meeting is held at the conference or it would require you to travel various places. ? Quick outcome unlike other careers, you don’t really have to wait so long for the turnover of your business. in sales the profit can be earned really quick. Imagine you are selling a car or commodity. once your deal is fixed with the customer he or she may give you the money there and then. ? Flexibility If you have chosen sales as your career you don’t have to have a fixed working schedule. you can sometimes fix your working hours. This allows ladies or students to devote just their part-time for working. ? Allows you to grow professionally Sales are such a career whereby throughout you get promotions based on performances. This boosts you as a person and helps you to grow financially as well. Promotions always keep us active as we always do our best in order to get in high posts. Excellent carrier build up Sales as a career allow you to work in different companies of your choice. having the proper experience you can aspire for any relevant posts you like. Start Outlook Sales career will definitely change you into a smart person as it will require you to dress up in a formal way to persuade your customers. Keeps you secured Compared to other post sales personnel sale executive sale stream workers often have secured jobs as the sales personnel are always in need. Job prospects 1. Business development manager ? Have to write reports about the daily work happening in the company. ? To inform the customers about the new products. ? Set up meetings of only with subordinates. ? Providing relevant feedback. ? Preparing a presentation for customer/clients. 2. Team leader ? Act as the backbone of the team. ? Checking thoroughly the working of the subordinates. ? Allocation of a job to workers. ? Recruiting new salespeople. 3. Telesales   ? Call clients provided by the company. ? Convince the customers through talking. ? Promote sales in the company. 4. Sales executive job description ? Negotiate with potential customers. ? Maintain proper report of your sales. ? Provide necessary feedback. ? Ocean has to shift the potential customers to get their feedback to persuade them to buy the product. Points to follow 1. Competitive spirit You need to keep up with the target provided by the company and also personally maintain a certain target for yourself. 2. Socializing character A good salesperson requires good relation with all people he meets, since they may turn as customers later on. 3. Adaptive behavior as this work requires working on different places and different working condition one must have the good adapting ability. 4. Must be a Multitasker As you are required to do the various task at once you should be good at multitasking. 5. Good communication skills Should have a good hold on communication skills in order to impress and convince you, customers. 6. Must be patient enough as this work needs you to handle different customers you need to have good patients with one and all. If you feel you possess these qualities without a doubt get going with the search for careers involving sales.

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