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Are You Looking For A Career In Journalism And Have No Clue Of What You Should Be Doing?

Yes, you have come to the right place. Many people at this stage are mostly confused about what they should be doing further to enhance their skills and which field they should be making their career in. There is a variable field in the field of Journalism. Journalism and Mass Communication itself is a very big field. There are ample of the field in this field to go in. One can go for: ?        Public Relations ?        Anchoring ?        Reporting ?        Content Writing ?        Public Health Practitioner ?        Sports Journalist (if you are a sports freak) ?        Actor ?        Director ?        Photographer ?        Advertising Agency ?        Editor And many such fields. There’s a very long of channels in which you can be placed in. All those channels have a very tight hiring process through which a fresher has to go through. We cannot deny the fact that at present the competition is booming. Every industry whether it is Anchoring, PR, HR or any other field. Are you looking to be placed? Placement is not easy as competition is increasing day by day. To be placed in a good reputed channel/ media house you must undergo to do an internship in any reputed organization during your summer breaks. Doing an internship is necessary during the summer breaks right after your exams. The exam of Summer Training Internship carries 100 marks. How to maintain relations with the company? You should never leave a communication gap between the channel/ company in which you’ve done an internship. Leaving a communication gap will break all your built-up relationship with employees. Also, you should continuously ask about your work from your employers. They should be feeling that you carry some sense of maturity towards your work. Career in Journalism Do big and polished anchors inspire you? Do they give you the motivation to excel in your stream and ultimately manage to be like them? Of course, they can. After all, they are well qualified with good skills. Being an anchor is not a cake walk. You need to pass huge steps to grab the position of an anchor. Anchors are the known faces of television and so to their respective channels. The job of an anchor is also not easy. They have to go through various difficulties during their Job. Difference between an Anchor and a News Reader News Readers are those who just simply read news through teleprompter placed in front of them. They just can’t talk on any given topic placed in front of them. News readers simply read the news like as the ancient times. Anchors are those who can read the news as well as extended the topic on their own. They don’t just read the news but also talks to them in their own words without a teleprompter. Anchors have to interview big personalities on their own without using a teleprompter just with a small script. Anchors have to be well qualified with the languages they speak, the accent they use, the expressions they make, all of the things. The job of a news presenter is nothing but just to present the written news in front of the audience/ viewers. News presenters can be anyone on: ?        Radio ?        Television ?        Internet (YouTube) Difficulties faced by anchors Nowadays anchors themselves have to write their own scripts. Earlier they got scriptwriters to work on their scripts but today the majority anchors are working on their own scripts. Most of the anchors do not know how to write a good script so that becomes a difficulty for them. But, in my opinion, if you work upon learning something you will always succeed! Good Luck!

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