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Why there is a gender gap in management courses?

Gone are those days, when females were treated as a burden when they had to get married to some unknown guy for the sake of her living. In the present era, a woman wants more independent life as compared to men. There are many women out there who have set quite an example to prove that women are conquering the World. But when we compare men and women, there is a huge gender gap when it comes to education. In recent studies, it has been found that there is a wide difference between men and women when it comes to B-School. I am not saying that this gap remains constant, no not at all, in fact, it is getting lesser year by year, yet still, a little gap always appears. So the question is: Why there is a gender gap? I mean what could be the possible reason for the same. Let’s find out. If we look at the perspective of Indian society, then it can be seen that at some level even a working woman has to concentrate on household duties, a fact that cannot be denied. But does that mean that she does not stand a chance to grow in the path of her career? There are many women out there who are reaching the skies and taking care of their family side by side. So what are the reasons that are still pulling many girls down for not to pursue higher studies? Are higher studies not that beneficial? When it comes to higher studies, it is the most effective tool to boost a person’s career. Higher education molds a student into a much better-experienced person. Not just that, these days companies prefer postgraduates more as compared to the undergraduates.  And if we move towards the topic, management courses opens up to a field, full of vacancies. Not just any vacancies, but something that could bring standard to life. Management courses are the ones that are basically job offer! When we hear about management course, for a layman it would be like, “duh, all I have to do is to learn how to manage things? I guess I know how to do that!” But management does not mean that. And even if it meant that, I don’t think you could manage things by yourself, I mean these days we have so much technology involved in our life that the human race has become effortless towards the society, like for washing clothes we got washing machine, for food we got oven, fridge, etc. yet still at some level we are always unable to put the clothes back to the closet by our own even though it was our mother who washed them, I mean someone who cannot just arrange a few sets of clothes in his or her closet says that he or she can manage things, I think a new joke has been invented or I guess a meme should  be made on the same! Management courses are about how one should manage things while working in an organization and here the word manage plays a deep role, it means planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, etc. management is about how you turn the personal objectives of someone to achieve organizational goals. And if you think practically, in a country like India, a very less package is served to the undergraduates, so one has to pursue post-graduation. Management courses like MBA, PGDM are something that is usually everybody’s first priority. These are the courses that help one to boost his or her career. It is one of those paths that take you to a new level. I mean if we talk about CAT, everyone is running in the race. But does everyone get to win? Or if one could not make it till CAT, is this life over? No. There are plenty of universities or colleges out there that are providing the same course with a guarantee of placement. And as it is observed that most of the students pursue management courses after their graduation then why can a gender gap still be seen? What is it, that a ratio like 38:62 or 19:81 can be examined in a prestigious university like IIM. Females are involving in the business world, and then what is the issue? Is it due to the pay gap? It is been observed that a female employee is paid less as compared to a male employee even though they both are on the same post. And if we move further regarding the same, the higher the post, the more difference can be seen. So is it the society speaking in a woman’s mind, for what is the use of pursuing higher education, if in the end, the pay is going to be less or taking care of the family and children is what a woman’s duty are? I don’t think so, I mean, yes there are pretty good companies where equality can be seen among every aspect, let’s take an example like Google. But the thing is, not everyone gets to work in it, so maybe a change should be brought not just among the students and families but also among the various organizations because you have to admit, there is nothing that a woman can’t do. You give her wool, she will give you a sweater, you give her support, she will become Kiran Bedi. Don’t underestimate women. It’s not about feminism; it’s about equality, about something that someone already deserves. The rest, as the time is changing, it is pretty clear, that even a husband would expect from his wife to work for a living. If we look at it, there is a pretty clear image of how the present era is turning into. There will be support in the household together and also make a living. So I think, if marriage or taking care of children is what stopping you, then I think you are wrong, because it’s the era of living independently, live a life where you don’t have to ask someone for something, work smartly enough that your standard would be only given and not ask. And of course developments are being made in the world of business, the pay gap will sooner than later be removed. So if there is any other reason due to which a female is not pursuing higher education, either you got a really great plan or maybe you should start thinking about it. The world is moving so fast, that to catch the train one has to get to the platform first. The train won’t arrive at your doorstep. So think before you act. Is this what you really want? The rest if you think that there is some other reason that is holding you back from pursuing higher studies, feel free to comment, and we will all try our best to advise you with the most perfect solution.

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