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When you Select your bachelor degree the most important factor is what is your interest. is a versatile degree because will not limit you in a particular field. In you will study various different subjects like Accounting, Taxation, Business laws, Corporate laws, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail management. Unlike doing specialization in one particular subject or field. In past years course evolved with time now you will get many options in as per industry requirements and your interest. You can either opt for B. Com, B. Com (Hons) (3 yrs) or Dual degree B. Com (Hons)- MBA (5 years) or integrated - MBA (4 yrs) and also you can opt for ( Management Accounting and International Financial of 3 yrs). These above mentioned are the courses which you can opt if you want to pursue as per your interest. It is always advisable that you do your degree from a well-known reputed university or institution and that provides good placement opportunity, outstanding industrial exposure, and professional enhancement training for an overhaul development of the student. further, we can categorize fields in into four sectors 1- hard-Core Finance sector (Asset Management like Portfolios and Private Equity, Investment Banking & Corporate Finance, Corporate Planning & Budgeting, Risk management & Treasury Management) for this profile, you need technical skills like business mapping, understanding finances and industry trends, a thorough review of financials, market intelligence, and other hard-bound skills 2- Banking & Insurance (Actuary, Commercial and Retail Banking, Insurance Underwriting & Claims departments ) A programme in Banking and Insurance is developed as per the requirements of the finance Industry where students learn core banking operations, regulations, monetary auditing, selling of financial products and services. The programme curriculum includes studies of economics, management as well as laws of the financial sectors. Students are also trained at various Insurance companies and Banking Institutions during course internship to give real exposure. This specialized programme offers to learn mid-level expertise of the Banking and Insurance Industry. 3- General & Financial Management (Auditing, Law, Tax, Strategy & Consulting, Financial Planning or planner.) It is an expert domain and relies upon your ability to think out of the box and solve business problems.  here an MBA or a professional degree becomes the most important and accordingly gives way to problem-solving. if you want to start the career in this sector then remember one thing patience is the key it takes time. because of expertise will come with a span of time. 4- Non-finance Roles (Sales, Marketing, Content Management, Human Resources ) As I mentioned above that is a versatile degree. There are some fields where your education becomes less important and your personality/soft-skills/attitude plays an important role. Do you need a degree ? to stand out and be capable enough, but your success is not guaranteed by your qualification. you have to work on your self to get an edge in life.

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