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Journalism- a field full of Glamour; also demands enthusiasm, boldness, ample of knowledge, ability to grab opportunity etc. When a person pursues a field of journalism and mass communication, they get a chance to interview stars and other famous personalities. Many students develop a fantasy for pursuing the degree of Bachelor’s of Journalism and Mass Communication after they finish their schooling. Many students have God gifted talent of anchoring. The quality of their pitch, the boldness in the voice make them a person fit for anchoring, so they choose this field. Also, many people have a very strong convincing power. Those who do succeed in convincing people can further pursue the field of Public Relations. Public Relations is a field in which a person has to brief what his/her company is all about and also convince other companies to tie-up with them and what are the benefits of merging with their company. PR is all about building strong and reliable relations with the people. If any person has to get any stuff publicized for his/her company he/she can get it done for free if they have maintained good relations with the other companies. Younger Generations are attracted to this field. Many people believe that Journalism and Mass Communication are two sides of the same coin. But it is not. Mass Communication means presenting the news to a large audience at the same time but when we talk of Journalism; it means collecting information through various mediums, people, places and presenting it in a very presentable manner. If a person wants to pursue the field of Journalism and mass communication he/she has to Pursue the degree of Bachelor’s of Journalism and Mass Communication after completing 10+2 from any board and then if he/she has a liking for any particular subject during his/her graduation period then he can opt to do a Master’s degree in that particular field. Are you confused that in which field you must go after completing your graduation? Yes, you can be because Journalism is a very vast field. No need to worry! Have a look at these 5 best career options after your graduation. 1.      Anchoring Being an anchor is not very easy. There are many factors on which you will be judged. After all, it’s the matter of a channel’s reputation. A channel would appoint an anchor who will be bold, who is ready to talk about any topic, who do not hesitate in talking to big personalities. If these are the qualities you have then you must opt to go in the field of anchoring. 2.      Public Health Practitioner A public health practitioner is the one who takes care of the society as a whole. Aanganwadis are the rural childcare centers in India. A typical aanganwadi center provides basic necessities of life such as Basic level of education, sanitation etc. 3.      Sports Journalist Sports Journalist is the one who covers the sports beat. Any person who doesn’t have even a piece of basic knowledge about sports can’t be a sports journalist. Sports Journalism is very trendy these days. Every single person is indulged in some of the other kind of sport whether it is Football, Cricket, Hockey or any other sport. 4.      Director Director, a person who is known for the backbone of any film. A director is the one who directs the film. If a person has skills required in the direction of films, movies he/she can be the director. He/she should start with directing the short films first and get them published on YouTube and see if people like their work. The direction is not at all easy. You have to look who fits best in a role. Make all the shooting plans. Sometimes it is even possible that the director and scriptwriter are same. 5.      Public Relation Officer (PRO) A public relation officer is the one who builds good relations with the officials of companies so that it may help in times of need. The work of PRO is to publicize the deeds of the company. If the PRO is successful in building reliable contacts with the companies even the costliest advertisement can be done for free. So, these were a few of the fields which you can pursue as our profession after you have completed up your graduation. Also, In this field, during your graduation period, you also need to do an internship in any of the field related to the subjects you are studying in the current semester. Doing an internship gives you a sense of confidence in how you have to tackle things at work. You should also try to do part-time work so as to gain experience and as you will head towards your placement time, you will carry a huge portfolio of you which will help you. Pursue your field to make a difference in society.

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