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In Journalism You Need The Right Skills To Establish Yourself As Professional.

Team works, another challenging task in the field of Journalism, proves as one of the great stress for many. Many people hate to do group works as it has a lot of challenges because the opinions of every team worker vary differently. What does the word TEAM mean? TEAM, a word which is known for showing togetherness in a group stands for; Together Everyone Achieves More! Why Team Work? Team works are the backbone of Journalism because Journalism itself is a very vast field. There is the requirement of each and every person to make this field succeed. Journalism has many options and so it has multiple fields. If you want to be a good content the writer you cannot excel in this field alone rather you need other professionals as well to make your content reader worthy. If you want to become a content writer, being a good writer is not sufficient you also need the help of an editor who will read your written content and cut short it to make it presentable and brief. Along with the editor, you also need a Graphic Designer who will make your images worthy. Teamwork sometimes becomes very stressful as one or the other member of the team becomes dormant or sleeping. Team works require time, money, quality, reliability and most importantly your presence. You should contribute towards your team in every aspect whether it is your time, money or efforts. There are possibilities of mismanagement in a team. In this case, you must contribute your part so that afterward you are not blamed. If a person is working alone and on the other hand if a person is working in a group then definitely, the one who is working in a team will score more as TEAM matters. The efforts of group matter and counts more than the efforts of individual work. A person can always try to succeed alone but if he stands by the side of a team then the individual is the one who is going to lose the battle. College Group works The first few weeks of college are very critical and you don’t have any idea of who are going to be your friends, with whom are you going to work. In such cases, you must make yourself involved with a lot of people, interact with them so that you are not left aside. You must give up your ideas to the people so that people consider you to be their team member. What should be done to succeed in team works? 1.      Attend your classes You should be regular towards attending your classes. Missing up the lectures would result in failure of building relationships with your teammates and hence would hamper you from contributing ideas. Some Teammates are not cooperative, they just complain about every single thing you’ve done wrong or have not done anything. In such cases, do not loose up your cool. Be focused only on your work. If you start thinking about what others are thinking you will never going to get bold. 2.      Be Responsive There are many communications going up when you are just at your deadlines to submit work. At that times you have to show your responsiveness towards your team members. You must not ignore their messages. Last moment help should be provided by you. 3.      Get the approvals Getting the approvals are very important so as to avoid last minute problems. Problems can arise at any time, so get prepared for the same. If your teammates are not cooperative then the chances of problems are more. Don’t worry. Get approvals from your supervisor at an earliest to avoid last minute rush. If there’s a delay in work submission then you might get trapped in a fix. 4.      Work Management The work should be divided among the team in such a way that each person feels balanced with the burden of the work assigned to them. The work should be assigned in such a way so that the burden of the work seem less daunting to each member. 5.      Diversified Team While making teams you must take care of the fact that you make a team according to the different talents of the people. A team should be made in a way that each individual knows something or the other. For Example: If a person has to make a short film then he must make a group in which people are divided according to their skills of Photography, Video Editing, Shooting, Sound Effects, Camera Handling, Acting etc. So, this article has given a brief on how you should handle the team works in the field of Journalism. If you are thinking that you can escape from the teamwork, I think it’s not possible as Journalism is all about the team. A team is a feeling of togetherness, everyone should be moving in the same direction. A short saying: “Motivate Yourself; Life will motivate your Goals.”

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