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Challenges For Women Working In The Field Of Journalism

Do you have an interest in the field of Journalism but often get to hear that this field is not for Girls? Well, it’s absolutely wrong. No profession can be differentiated on the basis of Gender. Gender discrimination is strictly prohibited. Today almost every younger generation capable of earning are working and indeed excelling in their particular field. However, challenges are not less for working women. Women have to manage a lot of things along with managing their work. Work demands time which a lot of women fails to give due to their hectic life schedule. When women are unmarried, they can although manage to give appropriate time to work with full zeal. They can follow their dreams and cherish their goals but as soon as they get married, they have to struggle a lot to manage their life. It gets tough for most of them and ultimately, they end up resigning from their job. After marrying they have hundreds of works to keep an eye upon which includes, managing their love life, respecting their in-laws, manage to give appropriate and required time at work, taking care of their kids, giving family time. Journalism is a field in which a 9-5 job is not enough, in fact, it’s an uncertain job in which your work can call you anytime. News doesn’t think of any time to occur on rather it can occur anytime so you need to get to work even in the late hours. Problems faced by women 1.      Family Pressure Many families are against of being their daughter a journalist because this is a very challenging field. Families do think of their children’s future. Future indicates marriage which means a challenge for girls to manage the two challenges together. Also, after marriage, many in-laws are not even cooperative. They don’t want them a daughter in law to go out and work because they are living in an orthodox the stereotype that women don’t work. But, nowadays, almost every urban woman who is capable to earn is earning. 2.      Work Pressure Many employers impose a lot of pressure on their employees due to which married women face serious problems at home. Their family is against of completing their work at home even after coming late from office. Obviously, families on their part are also right because as much as work is important; family time is also equally important. 3.      Against coverage of Mishaps Journalism is a field in which coverage of mishaps is on a verge. You need to cover mishaps at any point in time. You need to pack up your bags and go out and travel to some dangerous place to get the bytes. Families are against this as it is very dangerous to cover places full of mishappenings going on. 4.      Night Hours This is the biggest constraint when it comes to night shifts. Almost nobody allows women to work in the late hours of the day as it is not safe for them. Working in late hours is very difficult for unmarried as well as married women. Married women can never think of going out in the late hours of the day and work. Many husbands do support their wives but when it comes to having family support for working in the late hours of the day it becomes an impossible task because our society is not so open when it comes to women working in the late hours of the day. 5.      Managing kids For a married woman having kids, it’s a difficult task for a journalistic woman to manage their work and kids at the same time. Having kids and resuming with work is even challenging in almost every field including Journalism. 6.      Abusive Language when Reporting Many families are even concerned about the bad things associated with this profession. When women go out in certain unprotected areas to report they interact with multiple people and if any people abuse that reporter in front of many people then no boss is responsible for that. 7.      Fear of being injured Whenever a woman goes out for reporting in risky areas there’s a lot of risks, they are carrying on their shoulders of being injured. If there’s a sudden rush at that place then the people there would rush pushing behind the reporter and camera and there’s a lot of loss for the reporter as well as the equipment, he is carrying with him. If anyone is injured at the field or if any mishap is being witnessed with the reporter then no one is even responsible for that. So, Yes, the challenges for women in the field of Journalism is not less. But today’s women are excelling a lot in this field. Women are capable of managing each and every work together whether it is at work at home, and taking care of kids or giving time to their personal life.

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