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All About Mass Communication

The term “Mass Communication” means communicating with the mass as a whole. When the news or any other important information is communicated to the whole of the society through a single communication then it is termed as “Mass Communication”. Mass communication is liked by a large number of younger generations and is pursued by a large number of youths after they complete their 10+2. Communication simply means conveying of the important facts to the general public. Whereas, Mass Communication means conveying of the important facts and figures to the mass only at one time. Mass Comm is all about the speed of the reporter through which the mass communication seems to be possible to spread the information to a large number of audiences at once. Mass Comm can be in any field may be in print, magazine, digital, radio, television, etc. Mass Communication is mostly successful in Digital as well as Radio and television. If you want to communicate something to the youth you need to focus mainly on communicating through internet social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc because youth are generally more active than print or radio to social media platforms. If you need to communicate to the people of middle age groups of if you want to target the aged people, you should focus on communicating through print that newspapers/ magazines or Television because they focus on television more than social media. If you believe that the term mass comm is as same as interpersonal communication or other types of communication then you are wrong. Interpersonal Communication means communicating within two persons or two teams whereas the term mass communication means communicating your words to a large number of audiences as a whole. Mass Comm as a carrier You can pursue the carrier of Mass comm after you have completed your schooling, 10+2 from a well-known board. All you need to do is clear an entrance test of various universities and then you can pursue this field. If you think that this field is not challenging then you are totally wrong. This field requires individuals who are multi-talented. Individuals should have complete knowledge of camera handling, multi-camera shoots, anchoring. For anchoring you need to focus mainly on your pitch, you should be bold enough to handle various kinds of personalities. If you have an interest in the field of Public Relations, then you should be having a high convincing power which would help you bring more and more business for your organization. If you have an interest in advertising then you can pursue this field with the ability to write a well off script and power to execute your plans on screen. Citizen Journalism People can pursue citizen journalism by taking an interest in whatever is happening around them and reporting it to the general public. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and so everyone has the interest to record the incident they witness in their real life. So, the incidents which they capture and if they share those captured footages with the general public as mass media in various social media platforms such as YouTube or any other medium then it would be termed as Citizen Journalism. Radio Radio also comes under the term of mass media because it also covers a wide range of public when it comes to conveying of information to a large number of audiences as a whole. Radio is a very old medium and so a reliable medium. People usually traveling by car prefer to listen to the radio and so can be updated what is happening in the world around them. Radio serves as a medium of communication mainly for the middle age audience because they are more indulged in television and radio than the younger generations. Digital Media The word digital simply means the information which is shared mostly on the internet through social media platforms. The younger generations are largely indulged in social media platforms and so they gain most of the knowledge from here only. If any brand or product has to advertise for some product which is largely related to youth then they should opt to advertise it mostly on the social media platforms so that the younger generations should know about that product. Example: If a brand X has to advertise for some protein shakes then they should prefer to advertise it through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to indulge the appropriate audience to it. Mass Communication is simple if you understand its requirement thoroughly. There are variant fields in this field and so the student has to analyze in which field he/she has developed his/her interest in. Public Relations is a field which is emerging a lot nowadays. The main job of a Public Relation Officer is to build and maintain relations with the people so that he/she can use those relations when in need.

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