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There is a lot of opportunity after doing MCA. The main choice of many students after completing a master degree in Computer Application. One can pursue MCA after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. For the graduates of Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA) master computer application (MCA) is an ideal choice. The course emphasis on the latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications. BCA makes a foundation while MCA adds specialized technical knowledge in the subjects studied in BCA. Software Developer: If you love to code and have a good knowledge of coding then go for developing software and application. As the growing state of the Android market and all other smartphones, it is very necessary to develop and maintain the software and application. Nowadays there is a huge opportunity in developing the market. There are numbers of a big software company like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech-Mahindra etc and they come out with a great opportunity for on-campus and pull-campus. They are recruiting a number of students for the various vacancy. You may be hired. You can choose a company that suits your knowledge (means languages that have you learned and a good match for your position). There are plenty of start-ups in the market to start a small but high aimed career. (I have heard from many employees of small company that instead of working in big company you should try to work with a small company because as a whole you can gain more knowledge in a small company compared to big ones like management of some problems and work hard to complete a project, and here you get the promotion frequently). Testing: This is also a valuable part of the project. You prefer it if not interested in coding and all those things. You have to learn about testing skills and have to gain more experience in that field. But here you can find a very small quantity of job than the Developers. System Analyst: A system analysts main task is to design innovative IT solutions to drive businesses and increase the efficiency of the organization. Their primary task is to study the current business situation, business processes, and models, and design better IT solutions in terms of software for their clients. They work as a bridge between the software developers and the clients. Software Application Architect: A Software Architect plays an important role in making high-level decisions in Architecture and design of IT products or services. A software architect develops technical guidelines and protocols such as software coding standards, tools, and platforms etc. This job required high-level skills. Software Consultant: Consultancy is a very popular career option today. A software consultant is responsible for providing customized solutions by evaluating a business, its processes and provides software solutions and other feedback to drive the business efficiency. Software consultant can be self-employed or work for a consultancy firm. His objective is to provide cost-effective solutions to enhance sales and growth. Hardware Engineer: Hardware engineers deal with computer hardware such as hard disk, wires, circuit boards, computer chips, printers, keyboards, routers, and so on. They like the challenges of installing and testing the systems, making sure that the internet works smoothly. A hardware engineer is also engaged in the production and testing of hardware equipment. And now as a growing IT market, you can find plenty of money making an idea from your home: Yes, the days past when the students are suppressed for doing a job and there is no other way to earn money. you can earn from the comfort of your home(work from home) if you have some skill in writing, advising and designing. you can learn and earn from the internet. Technical Writer: Technical writer needs a perfect blend of technology and creative and innovative writing skills. If you have a passion for the latest technologies, gadgets and at the same time you love writing, then technical writing is a great career option for you. A technical writer writes about technical documents such as product description, User Guides/Manuals, Design specifications, White Papers, Project Plan etc. Web Designer and Developer: A Web Designer or Developer is responsible for designing and developing websites. A web designer should have a very creative blend of mind, color sense, and font style. They should also have proper knowledge of the software development process and can maintain website such as HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and so on. Starting a new Venture: After completing MCA, you can also start your own venture after getting some experience in the relevant field of your interest. For instance, you can start a computer education firm or an IT solution company or something hardware related start-up. (But before going for this option you should have more Patience and have a strong desire. A quality on ground field experience may be required for this. )

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