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It focuses on all those managerial aspects that an individual faces while working in an organization. It is a 2 year, diploma program that totally targets the tactics, principles of management. Without management, organization cannot sustain. Management is the body of an organization. The presence of management is very necessary to achieve organizational goals, think about it, what if the department of finance is working on the project A, the department of marketing is working on project B, and the department of sales is working on project C, the whole organization would bring out haphazard results ending up into nothing. So, PGDM teaches students for how to work in an organization, it teaches the various soft skills and hard skills which can be a helpful tool in their near future. Eligibility Graduation from a recognized university/ college, with respect to any stream. PGDM is basically management based course, i.e. it is an enhanced version of BBA, or BMS. But other streams like B. Com, B. Tech, etc.  can also apply for the same. Course Fees The course fees for PGDM is near around from 1 lakh to 8 lakh. It is a two year course including training or internship. Details The subjects of PGDM are totally based on management, from 3rd semester it splits into many categories. Let’s have a look at the same. Module 1: Quantitative Methods Financial Accounting Human Resource Management Information Technology Management Module 2: Management Science Financial Management Production and Operations Management Management of Information System Module 3: Strategic Analysis Elective Courses -Financial Management Security Analysis and Investment Management International Financial Management Management Control System Financial Derivatives Risk Management Corporate Governance -Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management Human Resource Planning and Development Cross-Cultural and Global Management Training and Development Managing Diversity Human Resource Development: Strategies and Systems Negotiation, Persuasion and Social Influence Skills Compensation Management -Marketing Advertising Management Business Marketing Service Marketing Brand Management Retailing Management Analytical Marketing -Production and Operation Management Operations Strategy Operations Research Modelling in Supply Chain Management Production Planning and Control Technology, Innovation and New Product Management -Information Technology Management Business Process Re-Engineering Strategic Management of Information Technology Knowledge Management Network Operations, Management & Security -Services Management Tourism Marketing Hospitality Marketing Civil Aviation Management Service Operations Management Module 4: Strategic Management Elective courses. Pay Mostly students get a package of 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Top Colleges/ Universities for PGDM Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Jaipur Indian Institute of Management (IIMC), Kolkata Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur Christ University, Bangalore P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai Is PGDM worth it? PGDM is a diploma course totally focused on Management. As we all are aware, that management is what holds the organization, and works like the backbone of it. PGDM course is made as per the expectations of every field, if you examine the course, you will see that in the third module you can see a variety of categories into which subjects got divided, so that the students could choose the appropriate course as per their will. If we see each and every elective course separately, we realize that PGDM covers a vast field, where almost all lines are covered. Financial Management: This course would be mostly preferred by the students who would be more into accounts. Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management: This course would be preferred by those students who are into HR. This course works on the behavioral aspects of a candidate while working in an organization and working on the soft skills and hard skills of the same. Marketing: Marketing is a field whose presence can be admired everywhere, when it comes to smart phones, or food, sports gear, or vehicles, even in toiletries, each and every aspect has marketing involved. It is a vast field, any student can prefer this course. Marketing is an art of doing things in the most smart manner and is also science for using the principles and policies of the organization in mind. Production and Operation Management: This course focuses on the research scenario, for what should be the resultant, what should be the various techniques used in production, what would be beneficial in respect to cost and time, etc. It teaches us for how a research is done, and the analysis from the same is obtained to bring the result into action. Information Technology Management: Many tech geeks prefer the course of management as even though they have a keen knowledge of systems, languages, etc. yet are always indulged in themselves. Bringing results to the organization is appropriate but one has to communicate the same in the perfect behavioral manner too. So that’s why management is a very important aspect to be covered in IT Sector, because where there is no management, there is no organization. Services Management: Services are being provided in usually every aspect, for example, in event management a service is being provided to make sure that the event goes well as per the expectations of the customer. Services are present everywhere, but it takes a lot in to make an event successful or to satisfy all the travelers with your guide pack. But the question is, why PGDM? An example for the same would be, for example a student who did his graduation from B. Com and is looking forward to post graduation, he might think of PGDM as a student might have a knowledge of what he has to do but maybe he wouldn’t be aware of how to implement that knowledge in the real World and so to know the same, a course in management is required, because PGDM teaches for how to sustain in an organization or how to manage things in an organization. Having a keen knowledge in management is very necessary, plus a course like PGDM does give an opportunity to the aspiring students to show their caliber in the real World by providing them trainings, or internships.

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