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PGDM in Production and Operation Management

We all are clear about the term production and operation, yet still confusion occurs to many. So let me clear the doubts regarding production and operation. Production means producing the goods and services so that the end user can consume the same. It is the process from raw materials to the end result. Operation is also the same, when we hear the word operation, it does not mean that a person is being operated or is in a hospital, operation also stands in the business World. The word operation means the very process in which coordination, cooperation, staffing, organising, managing and controlling is done to help in the production centre so that the final good or product is made without any defection. Moving on with the same, PGDM in Production and Operation Management covers all those topics that are necessary to a person who wants to step in the World of Business. The process of producing a product and managing the process in a way that the end result is perfectly completed as per the objectives held from the beginning is what is being taught in PGDM in P & OM. PGDM in Production and Operation Management revolves around the following subjects to make the students understand the various methods, process and all kinds of information required in production and Operation Management. Operations Strategy There is a strategy to everything. To bring a result, a strategy is required so that the fulfilment of the same according to the objectives of it can be done. Just like that, in the Business World, the various operations in any field or regarding any field, requires a strategy to make it work.  Each and every operation requires a strategy which is generally setted up by the manager itself. The manager is the one who directs the whole team, who makes the strategy as per, so that the operation can be successful. He or She is the one who directs, manages, organises, strengths the team so that it works in a controllable manner. The various types of strategies or how a strategy needs to be implemented on a project is what is being taught under the same. Operations Research Operations research is a subject that helps in decision making. Research is a very interesting subject overall. And as the era is becoming more of a customer satisfaction kind of a thing, the field of research is wide opening for students. Decision making and new ideas are always welcomed when it comes to a research. Research is a very important subject, as to find the reasons what can shoot up the market in a second. Through the help of a research many objectives and confusions can be cleared out. Through research the organisation can go to the next level. In following subject, it tells the various methods through which a research is made and the analysis of the same is figured out. Research is such a wide concept that it upholds a separate course in PGDM. So for those students who have a keen interest in Research and Business Analysis can pursue the same, the details regarding it are in the following: ____ ). Modelling in Supply Chain Management The supply chain of a corporation works on the following framework: Plan Source Make Deliver Return In this, the decision made with the help of the suppliers and customers is what it is about. A supplier sure knows which product is more feasible to the market and which one is not. Taking his or her suggestions at the time of decision making can be really helpful and suggestive. As I have mentioned the main framework above, this is how it works. The production and operation management works on the following. First a plan is generated, without a plan there is no objective, there is no motive, there are no principles, and so making of a secured plan is the first rule in operation. Second is the source, here source can be referred to as from where the raw materials are being brought or for a study, from which sources the secondary data is being taken. Third comes Make, here production plays a major role. The main process of production begins from here. How the input is generated to process it into output. Then comes deliver, delivering the produced output to the end user. And the final stage is return; here return can be accepted as a feedback session so that a more improvised product be made for the next time. Production, Planning and Control As I have talked above about production, it plays a major role in converting the inputs into a wonderful output. The rest, planning and controlling are covered under the subject of operation. Without a plan, there is absence of production, because if the agenda is not defined then how can the production be held! Planning and controlling are alike, though they have different meaning and different roles, yet they both work alike. Planning is what is done from the beginning, which defines the objectives, principles, and mission. And controlling can be defined as making sure, whether the whole operation is moving smoothly as accordingly it was planned. So production, planning and control are the three features that take a wide importance in operation management. Technology, Innovation and New Product Management Due to the upcoming technology, wide changes are taking place. The employees have to cope up with the modernisation or else it wouldn’t be beneficial for their careers. Technology and innovation are a very important aspect when it comes to the development of a new product. As the time is changing, so is the technology, from iPhone 5s to iPhone x a lot has changed, and to create a new product, innovation is required to its fullest and the use of technology has to be done so that the product satisfies the end user and becomes a major boom for the corporation. Just like one hand, one person can bring a change, like that, one product can save the company from drowning only it is made with 100% precautions, efforts, innovation, guidance, objectives, and the correct use of technology. So overall PGDM in Production and Operation Management can be very helpful to the students to gain knowledge and sharpen their skills before entering the industry.

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