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PGDM in Marketing

As we all are aware about PGDM (for those who have any kind of a confusion, can refer to the following: ). There are wide options in PGDM itself. There are a no. of segments that opens up different kinds of opportunities for the students who are on the verge to excel in their careers. And as I have discussed before about PGDM and how it works (refer to the link), it is clear that in the second year of PGDM it opens a wide field for the aspirants. In the very third semester, students can choose the category they want to gain knowledge in and excel their skills in. As the present era is moving fast and different type of opportunities are wide opening so there are many type of elective courses, but in most of the institutes the following are considered the most, which are also known as the traditional ones. Marketing Finance Operation and Research Management Human Resource Management So when we talk about PGDM in Marketing, for a layman, it would be like, “All we have to do is sell things like the Vegetable guy says – Aloo lelo!”, but do you really think marketing is all about that? Though you should learn one thing from the above example, that even a small vegetable vendor needs the knowledge of marketing, what if he would go on selling vegetables without even screaming what he was selling, for the people who are lying in bed, and have their ACs on, wouldn’t even know for when he came and when he went off. Marketing is not about screaming the product’s name. it is a field which is present everywhere. Marketing involves a huge no. of opportunities under it. I mean think about it, how did you know about a product that most probably you use every day, through advertisement I guess, So see, from advertisement to feedback, marketing is present everywhere. One can work for FMG, or in a corp. that deals in electrical appliances. Because they even need someone to help them sell those products. So as we are clearing about how wide the field of marketing is. Let me elaborate about what will be studied in PGDM Marketing and how will it be helpful in the Business World. Advertising Management As I have told you above for how much important role advertisement plays in marketing, even for a layman, having the knowledge of the products is much easier to gain through advertisements. Advertisement management is an important subject to be covered under Marketing. It is like the toppings of pizza, without it, nobody would accept it as a pizza, so each and every stage of marketing plays a vital role. So Advertisement management is quiet important for those students who want to pursue marketing for their careers. Business Marketing Marketing exists in the Business World, and to fulfil the objectives of an organisation or redeem 100% sales of the product, one should be aware of the business tactics to undergo with. Everything has a way to do it, just like hulk was made of gamma radiations so he was able to use the stones. So in marketing, proper rules, ways, tactics are made or are acknowledged through which one can attain 100% result in marketing. One should be aware of the business laws to exist in the business World. One should know the most preferable way to market the product according to the features of it. So overall Business Marketing is an important subject to be covered under PGDM Marketing. It guides the rules and regulations and the various tactics to be followed. Service Marketing In some institutes, there is a separate elective course for the same, because if you think about it, services are something that are involved in every aspect of life. For example, from a damaged phone to holding up a wedding, service is required. Service marketing is a major subject to be covered as its involvement is present almost everywhere. Have you ever thought about a World without any kind of a service, where even in a restaurant you have to cook for yourself and then wash dishes too, or maybe that you have to be qualified in each and every field so that if a issue like damaged electrical appliance is been noticed then one would know how to repair the same! Brand Management Brand Management is also an important subject as it justifies a basic rule, i.e. branding of the product. Without branding a product, it won’t work for too long, as there would be a huge chaos and difficulty in making the seller understand what your requirement is. Like for example, if there would have been absence of branding and you would have gone to a store to buy cold drink and instead of Pepsi you get Coca Cola, because even the seller couldn’t tell for which one was Coca Cola or Pepsi or even Thumbs up. So you see, branding plays an essential role in marketing. Without a name it’s difficult to call upon it. Retailing Management When we hear the word retailing, some of us wonder whether it’s the last seller or the distributor or who? Well let me clear your doubts, retailing is basically the place from where the customers purchase the merchandise, you can say it the last seller or the person who delivers the products to the final consumer or whatever definition suits you. According to me it’s the place where the customers can purchase their required goods, because you never know who might be the end user. So here, in retailing management, we study the ways for how to manage that place so that maximum profit is gained with minimum problems faced. It is about making sure of a clean environment, taking care of the correct measures of branding, advertising, and marketing. It is about having the correct knowledge of what the retailer is selling to the consumer. Analytical Marketing Analytical Marketing is the analysis found out from the course of marketing. Whatever has been found has to be analysed in a way that the end result could be found. This subject tells us the various ways through which the data can be obtained, and after the attainment of the data – analysing the same and converting it into an informational piece so that measures could be taken for the upcoming product or for the up gradation of the present series. Over all PGDM in Marketing covers all those subjects which are exclusive in the field of marketing. One should be aware of branding, retailing, analysing, advertising, provision of services, and taking corrective measures according to the Business World.

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