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PGDM in Finance

When we talk about PGDM in Finance, it opens up the field for all those students who are looking forward to excel in a career related to insurance, banking, funding, etc. Finance is a field which carries a huge importance in not just the business sector but in every sector. Financing or financial Management is a huge concept that takes over a chair of a board of a director. As we all are aware that from a restaurant’s bill to an invoice of a business person, finance plays a major role in getting things done, hopefully in the appropriate ways. So getting further, many students who are from commerce background and are looking forward to excel their skills and gain more knowledge regarding the financial management have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll talk about how PGDM in Finance can benefit the students in their career paths. PGDM Finance covers the following subjects: Security Analysis and Investment Management As we all are aware of the term securities in reference to the financial World, Security analysis plays a major role in every sector as it helps to analyse the accurate value or we can say the true value of the following security. And on the other hand if we talk about investment management then I guess we all are aware for how much important investments are for an organisation to remain steady in the competitive World. Even in our day to day lives, we think so deeply even though we have to invest on something small like which soap should we prefer dove or fiama etc. So when it comes to an organisation, there has to be a proper mechanism when it comes to investment, as everything can only go smooth if the plan is smooth. Investment management is a very crucial subject to talk on, as investments are what the financial assets are of an organisation to sustain in the Business World. International Financial Management As we all are aware of the huge gap between dollar and INR so we can notice for how devastating it is to have the knowledge about international finance. International Financial Management teaches us the various variations that are existing in comparison to the domestic area and the out skirts. It mainly talks about the variations in currency, the rules and regulations that are necessary. Management Control System As the name says, Management Control System (MCS) is all about Management. It is a subject that revolves around the control of human, physical, financial and the overall organisation. It is a system that checks whether the organisation is running smoothly or not and is working as per the organisational goals or objectives or not. MCS is a very important subject that needs to be covered in Finance, though the subject is management based and not finance based yet it is plays a huge role as the students who are pursuing PGDM in Finance should be aware that finance does not mean just finance, if the whole organisation is working as per the guide only then can the finance sector move smoothly and swiftly. Financial Derivations Just like the subject in Business law in BBA, Financial Derivations play the role of the same in PGDM Finance. Meaning that, it is about a contract of two or more parties that agree upon some conditions under legal formalities and consider financial assets to enforce the contract. This subject basically teaches us about all those rules and regulations and one of those various sections that are quiet important for the existence of the organisation in the business World. Risk Management Risk Management is like the step game, I mean there are a bunch of steps that one needs to follow, and if taken care of, then way to the safe zone. Risk Management is a subject that most of the people try to implement in their day to day lives. It is a situation like, when somebody knows what kind of a consequence he or she might have to face if he or she does this particular thing, and if they take some precautions then chances are, a remedial measure can be discovered. So Risk Management is about identifying the risks that can show up in between the achievement of the organisation’s objectives or goals, and then analysing the risk so that a remedy could be figured out, and then implementing the same, and in the end checking whether the risk has gone down or not and monitoring and controlling the present the situation for taking care of the things that were messed up due to risk management. Corporate Governance When we hear the two words together, “Corporate Governance” it does not mean some kind of a Government job, no, not at all! Corporate Governance here can be defined as, corporate as in the “organisation” and Governance was meant as “controlling and monitoring”. So the following subject is taught to the students to bring awareness regarding all those tactics that a manager, an employee has to take care of while working for an organisation. Working in an organisation does not mean that all you have to do is work the things that are assigned to you, I mean yes you have to do that, but in addition to that, you have to see for whether the work you are doing is being approved or not, and that your colleagues or your subordinates are working to the mark or not. For a manager, controlling is a very important duty and monitoring the employees is one of his or her key roles. So overall , the subjects that I mentioned above will be taught in PGDM in Finance, maybe with different names, but they particularly define for what importance they uphold the in each and every kind of a sector. I hope I was helpful. Finance is not a baby’s talk, if one is thinking about entering the field of financial sector, then make sure, you have certain motives, desired goals to achieve and objectives in life to work upon.

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