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When can be the right time to think about future career after B.Com. |2019

You may wonder that what would be the right time to think about B.Com. The right time is not after B.Com. Rather you need to ruminate about your higher education during the last year of your B.Com. Maximum number of aspirants  make the mistakes of thinking about B.Com only when they are chasing it. You need to think further. The way market is shifting, every 5 years there are thousand new jobs being invented. Now what should I do or  what to do after when  done with B.Com, if you think then you will be behind. Moreover when you will make decision in a haste, most of the time, you will make the wrong decisions. So, before you give your final exam, sit with yourself. Do some research and this is the time to think about the possible career options you may choose and that can  go with your career goals. If you need guidance, talk to your parents and take the help of your teachers and professors. At this point, you don’t need to stick to one point. But you should at least give some thought to your career after B.Com. Choose few of them and set them aside and then concentrate on your B.Com (final year) studies. Rest you can think after you give your B.Com (final) exam. Career After B.Com In this section, first we will discuss the common career choices students make after B.Com pass. Then we will talk about something else as well which you may think about. Let’s get started.  A Common career choices after Pass These are common career choices or you can say going with the crowd. We strongly recommend that you give a due thought before enrolling into any of these courses. It can not be all about money every time ,rather it is  about your career and you should not squander the first 5 years of it by making bad choices. Chartered Accountancy Now a days this is the most popular and common Opportunities after B.Com pass. Rather many students pursue Chartered Accountancy along with their B.Com. But if you want to get enroll yourself after completing B.Com, you do not  need to sit for the entry level exam that is CPT (Common Proficiency Test) subject to you have at least 55% in the B.Com but  You can also enroll for CA after doing any graduation; but in that case you need to have 60% in the graduation. Before enrolling in this course, think through few things : First of all, this is not the course for faint hearted. You need to Ask yourself that Am I ready to put in at least 5-6 hours a day, every day till I clear CA? If the answer is no and  do not enroll. You have other options as well. You know yourself better than anyone. Most probably if you feel pumped up and receive so many suggestions about doing CA from your professors and see that many of your friends are going for it than also ask yourself  honestly and then decide. Check the statistics. It’s true that CA is the second  best course in the world. But only 2-3% of students clear CA (Final) in one go. If you know that you are committed and pull it through, go for it. You need to keep at least 3-5 years in hands as you need to complete a full-time article ship of 3 years, 100 hours of information technology course and clear total four groups in IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence course) and CA (final). After thinking through all these, then decide whether CA is suitable for you or not. MBA (Finance) Maximum  students puts  the mistake that they are pursuing finance as similar to accounting. It’s not. Finance is vast and accounting is only one part of it and next level  if you still  want to do an MBA Finance, there are myriad options you can choose. The best option is prepare for CAT, XAT and GMAT. These three will do. You should start your preparation during the final year of your B.Com. A year of preparation can do wonders for you. There are many B-Schools which are mushrooming everywhere. Do you think doing an MBA in Finance from any B-School will add more important to you? If you think no  than You need to do it from the top B-School in India or top 30 B-Schools in the world  if you are going for foreign universities. If you want to pursue your MBA in India, CAT and XAT are your best bet. You need to score high, as high as 99.99 percentile if you are a General student. Or else, if you want to do something in a reign country like the USA need to score at least 700 plus in your GMAT. M.Com A lot of people who go for M.Com after completing their B.Com. You can do the same. But M.Com is a master degree course And you can choose many specializations course like Economics, Statistics, Finance, Business, Accounting, etc. You won’t get much value out of it if you don’t take it further, meaning we’re talking about M.Phil. or Ph.D. You can take another approach as well. Like You can do your M.Com along with CA or any other courses and only M.Com has little or no value. Of course, from the many angles of education, you will get a myriad knowledge but here we are evaluating everything from the perspective of making a career and getting a decent placement.

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