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TV Correspondent: Qualification, Jobs & Salary

Well, you have decided to pursue an apt profession for yourself. A tv correspondent is the one who provides you with local news or global news. All the news which you are having at your tv sets are just because of the dedication shown by the tv correspondent in their work. Hence, if you feel that you have the capability of being updated all day long about every news taking place, you can undoubtedly pursue this profession. The word ‘Correspondent’ means the one who provides you with the news or the one having a designation as a ‘Reporter’. It is not a sole task of the tv correspondent to work alone and make all the possible efforts to keep the nation updated. He is also accompanied by audio and video professionals. Audio professionals are needed to check and maintain the quality of sound and mic checks, whereas, the video professionals are required to capture shots and put the best effects in the video through the help of software. There are different niches under which a person can work based on his interest areas. There are many beats on which a person can work, such as entertainment, politics, sports, etc. The requirement of Tv correspondents Defense Journalism is a field in which there is a huge requirement of reporters to cover this beat. As defense journalism seems to be a very uninteresting topic, people generally prefer not to take it. Qualities of a tv correspondent 1.      Sources The foremost quality of a tv correspondent is the extraction of information through various sources. It is recommended to maintain a good slack of sources to a tv correspondent so that he can be benefitted by getting prioritized at the time of need. 2.      Public Relations It is believed that public relations are maintained by continuously interacting with various people such as the ones with whom they have earlier worked or with big media houses or advertising companies so that you can be done with your work free of cost when you are being charged up with the higher prices which are going outside your budget. 3.      Flexibility The need for a tv correspondent can be at any time and anywhere. You must be flexible enough to go and report from anywhere in the world without being nasty or hesitant. A good journalist is the one who strives hard and goes to the field and collects materials for their news pieces. 4.      Strong personality A strong personality is considered to be the one who is admired by everyone. If a person asks to interview a big personality then he may not have the option of rejecting because the person holds a strong market value. If a tv correspondent is successful in having an interview with a big known personality, it will be of immense benefit to him. 5.      Multi-tasker It is believed that a person has to be a multi-tasker in his own field. A situation may arise that the concerned person of some field is not available and you have to immediately broadcast a news story. In such a case, the tv correspondent must be taking care of the same. 6.      Experience Matters Generally, the person with an experience is always preferred over the one who does not have any experience. But in the case of a tv correspondent, this is not the case. In this profession, not many internships are available and jobs are also limited to the ones having a great talent as they have to be the face of the channel. How to be a Tv Correspondent? It is must pass you 10+2 with a reputed school with an aggregate mark of 50%. Also, the person should be having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from a reputed college. Types of tv correspondents There are many types/ beats upon which a person can work as a tv correspondent. ·        Sports Beat ·        Political Beat ·        Entertainment Beat ·        Technological Beat ·        Science Beat ·        Education There is ‘n’ number of fields available. Marketing Scenario of Tv Correspondents There is not a much wider scenario of tv correspondents. Mostly, only media houses hire tv correspondents There are very short openings for this field. Those who are multi-talented and are willing to give their 100% are chosen for the work. So what are you waiting for? Be the source of information for many.

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