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Having a Mass Comm Degree In Hand And Aspired To Become An RJ (Radio Jockey)?

We all have many dreams and aspirations when it comes to talking about our career and finding a job of own choice. Many people are so focused on their career that they tend to practice from a very early age of what they desire to be. Many people have an aspiration to become a Radio Jockey, a person who has to continuously talk to his/her audience and keep them engaged. No job is easy and so of the RJ. RJ’s have to do really hard work so as to be noticed by people and make their presence amongst them. Many people believe that the job of an RJ is a cakewalk, which is absolutely a wrong thinking. RJ’s have to make their own script, book their time slots, speak on their scripts and hence the final stage that is the editing stage. Things you need to keep in mind if you aspire to become an RJ Mass communication is a very vast field and so the students have a variety of fields to go in and pursue whatever desire he/she has. It is of no doubt that a mass comm student at any day can have an interest in more fields than usual. Today we are going to take up RJ as an aspiration and discuss what all important things you need to know to become a good RJ. 1.      Ear-Friendly Voice The first and the foremost thing which an aspiring RJ has to keep in mind is that he/she has a voice which will be liked by his/her audience. People search for a voice which soothes them and so brings peace to them. In such a case, always practice on the format which you desire to work on in your near future. Say, a mimicry maker or commentator or something related to love which really needs a polite voice. 2.      Tone Speak in a tone which is liked by everyone. If people get to notice that your voice is bringing a headache to them, they will ultimately switch your channel and hence your work will not be appreciated. Always do an exercise of conducting a program in front of your mentors or friends and have feedback. 3.      Watch your words If you want to be an RJ, you need to keep in mind that you are clear with your pronunciation and you are well aware of the meaning of the word which you are speaking. Whenever you are making a script, make sure to always rehearse it before your actual performance. 4.      Show your creative side Nowadays, people are so demanding about any new creativity from your side. They have seen and heard ‘n’ number of shows and hence to prove yourself you need to bring in some extra creativity in you so that you are liked by people. 5.      Good sense of Humor The job of an RJ is to entertain the mass hence to bring laughter among the masses make sure you have a variety of humor in you so that people prefer to listen to you over others. Try to be different and unique from others. 6.      Knowledgeable This is a field in which a huge number of people are dependent for news and all the knowledge they should be pertaining. Having a good amount of knowledge makes a man an asset for the company and hence it’ll benefit you only if you keep yourself loaded with the required amount of knowledge. 7.      Time Management If you are a person who is as punctual as a clock, this job is for you. You need to be time bounded if you choose this job. Time Management is a must in every job but in this field when you are speaking live in front of a huge number of audiences, you need to keep a schedule well aware in your mind in advance. 8.      Multi-Tasking Most of the people are not at all a good multi-tasker, whereas, some are god gifted multi- taskers. Well, being an RJ requires a lot of tasks going on side by side of your job, such as handling the live audience, playing tracks, handling calls and many more things. 9.      Admire current RJ’s This is the most important task if you want to enter this field. You must be listening to the radio most of the times and must be noticing each and every step they take whether the tone they are using or any turns they are giving to their show. 10.  Voice Modulation You should always go on for the voice modulation checks. If you are a person who has never spoken on the mic before, you must be taking these tests so that your confidence can boost and you can freely speak on while you are on the microphone. Also, there are many people whose voices are very soothing but while they speak on the mics their voice takes very negative turns. So, to avoid this problem you should continuously practice your written scripts on mics. Here, were the few tips on how you can boost up your skills and talent to be a good Radio Jockey. Being a radio jockey requires a lot of hard work. So, if you think this hard work can pay you your bills, this job is for you.

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