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Passion for being a cartoonist

Good at visualizing things through drawings? Know how to cherish this rare profession! Being a cartoonist is a very entertaining profession. If you have the art of visualizing things and print them on paper with beautiful effects, this profession is for you. This is a very rare kind of profession with not much competition into it. Not much people have the dual talent of imagination and drawing the art on paper or as graphic visuals. Some people have the passion for being a cartoonist and so they take up this as a secondary job with something else being their primary job. The field of freelancing also has the option of being a cartoonist. Having a sole career of being a cartoonist cannot pay your bills completely. Have a passion for being a cartoonist? All you need to know: 1.      Determine your god gifted talent Some people have talents which they consider as being god-gifted talents. Everyone has expertise in something or the other. If you think that you have an imaginary skill of making stories and print it by drawing alike, This profession is made for you. Likewise, if you think that you can earn through your talent then you should make efforts for further taking them to the next level. 2.      Always maintain a portfolio A portfolio helps a lot. You should build up your portfolio so that you can showcase your talent publically. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a job and the employers ask for the samples then you can easily present them with your portfolio. 3.      Enroll yourself Enrolling yourself in courses related to such fields would be of immense benefit. You can learn things which can otherwise be very difficult to acquire easily. Also, you get to know new tips and tricks and also if any easiest method exists for doing things. You should always utilize your time by making efforts for yourself. Keep searching for the best courses and climb the ladder of success. 4.      Do Internships You should do more and more internships in this field to gain experience. Experience matters a lot, in every field where ever you go. Companies ask for your experience and in such cases having experience through internships will be of immense benefit. Also, at a younger age, there is a high requirement of pocket money. Working as an intern will give you twin benefits. Firstly, earning money and secondly, having experience. 5.      Publicize your work One of the easiest ways of being recognized is to publicize your work and make it recognizable. You should make your work samples available on the internet. You should provide your work samples to various social media platforms so that the employers get to see your work and can talk to you regarding your hiring process, whether it’s a full-time job or a freelancer. 6.      Develop Skills Being a cartoonist requires a lot of hard work and determination. If you want to be a cartoonist, you need to have the knowledge of technical and non- technical stuff as well. By the word technical means, that one should be having the complete knowledge of the tools and mediums used in cartooning. Similarly, by the word non-technical means, that he should be having a soft hand in drawing and making cartoons. What are the salary prospects of cartoonists? It can not be specified that what is the amount of salary, a cartoonist will be earning. It solely depends on the type of project you are undertaking. Depending upon the size of skills you’ll be possessing, you earn your salary. However, the salary of a cartoonist is generally low in its initial years. But afterward, it witnesses a steady growth rather than being speedy. Being a cartoonist requires a lot of time. Hence, life is not easy. As it is related to being imaginable hence there is the pressure of meeting a lot of deadlines on his part, hence producing stress for a cartoonist. Perks of being a cartoonist There are not specialized perks associated with the profession of a cartoonist. It is just that this profession is a highly specialized profession in which if you work gets noticed after being working so hard upon it, it becomes as your perk. The requirement of cartoonists in the market It is to be noted that the demand for a cartoonist is mostly in urban areas and large towns rather than the rural or small areas. Generally, they are produced at one place and then distributed to all over the world at different places. Hence, if you really have a passion for being a cartoonist then you must become serious towards achieving it because in this the competitors are less so the requirement will be more.

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