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Do you have the talent required to be a good film director?

Are you the one who has the talent to be a film director and manage a variety of things at one go? Well, if this is the case, you can strike hard to achieve your goal. Being a film director is a very interesting field to work in and so it’s a glamorous field. But, all it requires is the complete dedication, motivation, attention from your part. A film director has to direct the whole scenario in a film. He has to see where the actors will be standing, where the camera will be positioned, where the light will fall, what can be the best suited set up for taking a shot, what will be the costumes which the actors will be wearing and so on. Likewise, film directors also have to intervene in the technical aspect of the film. Film directors are the one who reads the script and modifies it. They look who will be best suited for the character and hence, calls them for a meeting and explain them with the concept. It is their duty to look after the cast and crew and keep a check whether the work is being done properly on time or not. Once, the shooting part is done the director sits with the editing team and assists him with the editing and mixes. Qualities of a film director 1.     Well-defined personality A film director is a person who has a very distinctive personality. They possess a very artistic personality. They are very creative persons with a good sense of imagination. 2.     Doggedness Doggedness means a person who is a good decision maker. It is true. A film director has to look after a lot of things and have to take sole decisions by himself. He cannot rely upon anybody for making these decisions. He has to purposely peep into the issue and solve it. 3.     Open minded A film director is the one who has to be ready with a lot of backup plans at hand. He has to see whether everything is working smoothly and also checks whether everything is sorted and at the place. If not, then he has to be open-minded and ready to make changes. Yet, he has to be well prepared in advance for any consequences he must have to face. 4.     Problem Solver A film director should be the one who acts as a great problem solver. During the shooting and editing and various other things, the problems do arise. It is such that the best and the dedicated director is the one who is the problem solver and able to manage things accordingly. 5.     Clear with his communications Making things clear to the actors and various crew members require a clear communication process. Communications are a must in working in any kind of field whether it is editing or scripting or any other field. Without communication, a person cannot work. For seeking suggestions and for making his points clear, good communication and interpersonal skills are required. Marketing A scenario of Film Directors Film directors are the ones who bring out the ultimate picture of the movie or film he is directing. He is responsible for the liking or disliking of the films to most of the extent. However, it is teamwork being encouraged in this field but most importantly, film directors looks after the things in a deeper manner. What is the salary range a director can expect? Well, coming to the salary b prospects, it is very uncertain to know the salary which a film director is getting. It wholly depends upon the production house he is working with. If it’s an high budget film then the director can expect a good share of work but if it’s a small banner film, there can be a short dip in his salary

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