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What is Digital Marketing?

You must have heard about the term ‘Digital Marketing’ as it has become every business’s need in this era of digitalization. Marketing by the means of digital mediums can be overviewed as Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has become a vital ingredient in the recipe of a flourished business. As important as marketing in itself is, one must know the requirements of the dynamic nature of the business arena. The marketing that takes place through platforms, such as – the internet, mobile devices, search engines, etc. can be referred to as Digital Marketing. Another platform that the Digital Marketing technique uses is the social media. Social media is one of the most promising mediums of marketing in the near future.       Social media has gained its popularity in the marketing world by being a platform that offers a wide array of targeting options. Almost everyone uses the social media, be it a teenager, or a teacher, or someone in their late 50s. The role of social media grows deeper and deeper with the widening use of digital equipments and its ever-growing importance. Its impact on the society is vast and multi-dimensional; read more about it here Digital marketing is both online and offline. One may get confused between Digital Marketing and Online marketing, however, both of these are different in their concepts. Online marketing requires the presence of the internet, whereas, digital marketing can be done without the internet too, take the example of the radio! The advertisements you hear on the radio are a part of our hero topic here. Let us now look into the types of Digital Marketing. Broadly, digital marketing is both online and offline. There are various constituents of the two categories, such as- Email Marketing The marketing measures taken via emails come under this category of marketing. It has been one of the oldest forms of Digital Marketing as email has been a key role player in any business compliance. Not just for marketing but for the proper functioning of a business emails are vital. This form of marketing is targeted according to the audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It refers to increasing the traffic on a website or a web page by increasing its visibility for the users surfing the web. It is an unpaid form of marketing which puts forward the content on the search engine results as per its relevance.  It is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.  Some of the elements that score up your SEO are – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) It is a form of online marketing which promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results. SEM primarily occurs through paid advertisements. It is an effective way to reach new customers, increase revenues, and lower acquisition costs. Content Marketing The tasks involved in collecting, managing, and publishing information through digital medium for the purpose of marketing can be called Content Marketing. Websites and web pages contain data that is in a digital form, management of that data will come under this to suit the target audience. Online Advertising The advertisements you see online are a form of Digital Marketing. These advertisements are custom for the target audience to grab their attention over the business. It is a very popular form of advertising in today’s generation where everything is online. You must have a fair idea about what Digital Marketing is and its types. It can be said that Digital Marketing is the future, read more about it here -

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