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BA (Hons) in Mass Communication – Course, Scope, Fields & more

Are you intrigued by the word mass communication? Do you want to know what it exactly is and why everyone gets attracted to it? It’s no rocket science! We will tell you all about what a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication can provide you and why you should choose this course. The term mass communication has a very simple meaning. Mass means a large number of audience and communication means to exchanges ideas, knowledge, or anything in general. So, Mass Communication is the process of exchange of knowledge between a large number of people. Course Now, “What does a course in this field consist of?” an often asked question. Mass Communication is not mere public speaking, it is a lot more than that. An honors degree in Mass Communication hereon referred to as mass comm, provides an integrated knowledge of the subject and its related fields. Here are some of the topics that are a part of BA (Hons) degree in Mass Comm that we have to offer, laid over the 3 years tenure of the course- History of Indian JournalismReporting & WritingEnvironmental CommunicationBasic Computers & IT Electronic MediaNews EditingPhoto JournalismPublic Relations & Corporate CommunicationMedia ManagementMedia law & Mass MediaSports JournalismDevelopment Communication Mass comm is one of those fields whose syllabus is not defined as a number of topics. It is vast and constitutes of numerous variants. However, it is one of the most interesting subjects of all. Its vast nature is what attracts thousands of students towards it. Scope of Mass Communication The field of mass comm has an immense scope as it is something that can never be outdone. The use of mass media is continuous and endless. Diving into this field can never be a bad option unless you desire to do something else. With the ever-changing technological environment, communication tools have also changed remarkably. Gone are the days when one sweet message could do the deal. Communication has taken a step up after the social media game has been on fire. The following are some sectors where mass comm has a broad scope- Trade & Commerce – Mass communication’s role in trade and commerce is dynamic. It is one of the many vital tools of management which is used widely in the commerce sector. Especially, in government authorized trading projects, mass communication helps to communicate the details to the general public. As the commerce sector is booming due to numerous factors and policies introduced in recent times, the use of mass comm tools is assured to increase. It is a vital tool to facilitate mass production and sales in an effective and efficient manner Human Resource Management- Human resource management is a field of continuity and growth as the human race is expanding day by day. Mass comm tools help in communicating the HR needs of a firm in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. Education- This is another steadily developing sector in which mass comm has a prominent place. Mass comm tools are used in abundance to promote education among all. The government uses mass comm on a regular basis to communicate about the developments and the new schemes introduced in the education sector. Social Affairs- Mass comm has played a consistent role in communicating social affairs that are important to the general public. Such as, Televisions, Newspapers, and Radios which are constantly used to communicate about social affairs, like natural calamities, changes in the political scenarios, etc. The role of mass communication is never-ending. Not only in these sectors, but mass comm is also a key player in almost every sector of society. Hence, we can say that the scope of mass comm is considerably broad. Fields As we discussed in the beginning, mass comm is not limited to a number of fields only. It is very vast and it comes as a useful tool for everyone at some point in their lives. Having said that, we can proceed to some of the majorly chosen fields of mass comm by students willing to make a career in this sphere- Advertising Image Source: Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Advertising is a field of promoting a business in front of the target audience. The use of advertising is increasing every day as the number of businesses is also getting larger and larger. It is one of the most powerful tools of mass comm as it accounts for various factors that help a business grow and expand. Many students have a creative edge over others. Thinking differently, creatively and being able to find new angles on a subject matter, are some of the skill sets required to excel in this field. There are various roles in advertising that may intrigue a student into pursuing a career in it, such as Creative Services & Producer, Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Project Manager, Social Media Strategist, and so on. Journalism Then we have Journalism, another very interesting field of mass comm. Journalism is the collection and distribution of reports to the masses.  Being such an important part of society, journalism offers a variety of things to learn. A student may take up a career in journalism if writing or communicating enthralls him. Writing skills are very important for someone who is interested in journalism as even the newsreaders have to write their own reports. Journalism is divided into print journalism & electronic journalism, both of these fields offer various career options, such as Photojournalist, Content Writer, Proof Reader, Editor, Broadcast Reporter, Researcher, Reporter, Correspondent, etc. Public Relations (PR) It is the field of building and maintaining relations between a company and the public. Every major company needs a PR department as it deals with all public related issues of a company, maintains a good reputation of the organization, and prepares for disaster management. In this digital era where anyone can go online and communicate anything to the masses, it is very important to have a good PR team. There is a lot of criticism found online and to be able to deal with it in the best manner is something PR personnel can do.  Public Relations also offer a variety of career options to choose from. Some of them are Content Creator, Spokesperson, Media Relations Manager, Social Media Relations Manager, Financial Communications Manager, Crisis Manager, Reputation Manager, etc. Film-Making Film-making is a field of art and creativity. It cannot be restricted to a number of profiles as every member that contributes to the making of a film is equally important. If you are wondering what it takes to get into this exciting field, then just trust your instinct about it and your creative capabilities. And dive in for an unplanned journey that may take a lot of hard work and patience but in the end, it’s all worth it. Here are some of the career options Film-making field has to offer- Producer, Director, Screenplay Writer, Actor, Cinematographer, Animator, Cameraman, Editor, Lighting Technician/Operator, and Soundmen, etc. Other Fields include- Radio Jockey, Disk Jockey, Video Jockey, Photography, Video Editing, Event Management, etc. All these career paths are very amusing and satisfying for a creative soul. One does not have to look for a 9-5 desk job only, there are various other kinds of work profiles that one can go for. Conclusion With the development and expansion of media tools, the study of communication has become broader to include Social Media and New Media. These media options have stronger feedback models than those of the traditional media sources. Mass communication is an ever-evolving field. The above-discussed fields are generally considered the major areas of study within mass communication. These are studied in various well-established schools and universities. One can further look into those once the mind has been made and the choice of the subject is clear.

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