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Opportunities after MCA degree: part 2

The blogs continue to from part one where we started from teaching which can be start after the degree.Here Well this is easy today as you compare it to our time. Today there are many resources such as Blogging, YouTube and Facebook, apps etc. 1.In very early stage Start by teaching school kids at your own home in front of laptop or computer. Generally Teaching basic computer course to 4 or 5 kids of your neighbors or others are enough to start by getting small fees 500 to 1000 monthly and based on 1 or 2 hour daily. 2.If you do it in the village or small town of your area where no one know about technology. In the very beginning may be it is  tough to find out the village but you can do it by doing research, asking questions and discussing with village friends or people . May be possible they will make you negative in the start but there are people, elderly parents, senior citizens and who don’t know about the computers and internet anything wants to learn. You should not care about  if they are using Facebook or apps and remember this is not basic knowledge. You can teach many things that are helpful for them. Learn here more about this like  What is the importance of computers in our parent’s life ? 3.No registration is required and don’t do it too early may be later if you think so, but just start to spread knowledge to others what are their problems regarding computers and internet. 4.Create your YouTube Channel and integrate it with Google AdSense. Record your screen videos and teach to people. 5.Just visit their home . 6.A sufficient skills can Start with what you have, what the resources you have and it does not matter how bad you are in  teaching skills? No one is perfect and never exists. This is a science. I will teach you about this later. You can Start from having  one computer or laptop from your home. This is the things You can do it even for temporary and in part time. On the other side  keep trying for better job. Advantages :You will earn money with respect. Your followers and network start growing. Try all Your theoretical knowledge to make  into practical skills. your parents feel like you are worthy enough  when you start getting appreciation from others or your town people. Precaution:Teach skills that help other to do good things or solve their problems. Whatever you teach but also teach about the precautions. Do Freelancing Freelancing is the best work to earn money on the internet without any investment. Now a days Freelancer earns money according to the importance of work and projects. These kinds of works are done on pre-defined budget. Clients can hire you permanently or for shorter time on hourly and fixed prices. You only need few clients, qualities in your personality and few practical skills. There are various types of works such as data entry operator, technical writing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, web designing & development, troubleshooting, SEO, software development etc. are available on the freelancing sites. I will recommend starting with up work is good option.   Benefits: You learned what is in demand. You can inspired by seeing others performance in their personal and financial development. You will get high paying jobs and works to do. This is good to start with from your home to earn money. And you can earn even while you are traveling and whenever you want to earn. And you can do freelancing also while teaching to people at your home. Precautions: In the beginning you can  apply for the jobs what you think you are capable. No need to worry about the fraud people on the internet. Just do it and know the importance of honesty in life. Never try to  trick to clients and if you’re honest you will get everything you need. Research on everything, ask questions on freelancing sites. And choose the best freelancing platforms after analyzing everything. You can do jobs in computer education center after MCA DEGREE May be You don’t have laptop or internet yet. And if you think you can’t do above two things for any reasons. Then visit computer institute in your city or village How to do  it? 1) Write on paper all computer institutes you’re targeting in your city or village. 2) Ask their ex or current students as a student. You have to know about their courses, qualities, financial dealings etc. and future plans before applying. Gaining information and Knowing the fact about those computer institutes, what they are missing in computer education. 3)Compare all your written institutes based on the research. Also compare the qualities of their managing directors or owners. 4)Prepare yourself how can you help to grow any one of these institutes. During interview discuss about your skills and what you can do for them. 5) Answers for salary based on your knowledge and need in the start. Later you can increase this. If computer institute grow and more people interested to learn from you, any computer institute MD or owner should increase your salary. Benefits:- This can be pictorial when You will become very known  in your village and city for your knowledge. Your publicity, qualities and confidence start to grow. You will get some handsome job offers from big institutes and colleges after one or two years because of your experiences and this is the time when you are  earning money and it will great for your family support . Precaution:  Some computer institutes are fraud not by documents but by their commitments. They commit to students many things and later the results are bad those I don’t to write here. I think you know this. This is my personal suggestion  that do research properly on everything and teach students from your true emotions . You can also use your spare time to learn career development and new skills. It is important that you should know what are your goals and strategy to earn money

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