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Opportunities after MCA 3rd

  This article is continuing from posted blog which is in part 1 and part 2 Provide technical services or open repairing centre If you are not good in teaching or you are thinking that above three points are not suitable to my personality and knowledge then do not worry. Provide technical services. I mean to say that rent a room in crowed place and start helping people in their daily computer requirements. As I know  that readers can presuming  that did I complete my degree to rent a room to start stressing out on people problem. It is a great work. All you need to  remembered what I said above in top of this post on the third paragraph or you can read it again, about the things you should remember three things before you begin to earn money. How you can start it? 1) Before to go ahead anywhere just Do the research in your city and try to know from others what they are missing services in the city. What kind of technical skills are not available in the city? Do your complete research included cost and profits? But I recommend that start by providing small services to small group of people. 2)Settle a office having rented apartment or office , type and print documents and assignments of kids and others, repair common computer and internet problems. And it is very good to start in the village where there are lack of internet connection and technical services. 3) Advertisement of giving services  over Facebook, recommend it to neighbors, and do publicity about your services. 4)This can be part time but while doing this, you will start getting . Precaution: As you see this is a temporary job or work for you. Getting money from this  you can use this money to enhance your skills that matched to your MCA syllabus then it is good to do. May be later your small brother or sister or you can hire any person to run this business because of high demand of services in your area. Internet Marketing Services Internet marketing is everything for many companies. Students and degree holders are in demand in internet marketing field. When businesses, products, books etc. are advertised on the online is called internet marketing. Many brands and companies are specialized in this. Website development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing all are in demand. Research and collective information  about this it is very good option for MCA students. And almost all are posting jobs proposal on freelancing sites for freelancers. If you think you can do better in above skills then what is the problem. Just to do it. How to start it? 1)Learn about website development and earning methods. 2)Do or apply for this kind of job even if you have to work as a trainee salary between 4000 or 8000 monthly, experiences matter, so apply and get all the knowledge that is important to you while working with this kind of companies. 3) Create website for business, known people and also create your own. You can easily earn 10000 to 30000 monthly. 4) Advertise your services and skills online and offline. 5) you can be get paid  for websites, and do all other marketing efforts. Benefits: A lot of benefits can be get from  this work after mca is great if you’re thinking to work on this. Companies and business invest billions of dollars monthly for marketing on the internet. And the big thing is that it is required creativity and practical skills. This can be challenging but by starting from small even from logo design, html, word press, affiliate marketing services you can earn big money as you become experienced. And also after 1-2 year experience you can earn 200000 to 100000 monthly. It is just required your hard work and patience. Precaution: All in all You need to focus on one thing at once . Like you have innovative ideas to create websites for offline clients then focus on that. Include your friends to make this project successful. Because on the internet we are always seeing new and creative methods to earn money and this makes people greedy for money. So, it is better to focus on your one skill and improve new skills in part time. Apply for jobs where you think you have to The world always required great people. Great people are like you, who are doing study, practicing, working hard for the jobs, learning new skills, thinking. People like you who have the common sense that will help other to improve their life are great. A small job is enough to get start and other things grow naturally like personal development, career development etc. How to get  it? 1) Research on government jobs, where mca is required. Research on what kind of job mca can do in government sector, and then learn those skills. Also do similar research on private companies. 2) Just collect some information from other mca degree holder. Like What they are doing, how was their experiences and collects this kind of information and plan future steps accordingly. 3)This is not mandatory  to have a big bucks job you can  Start from small, even typing job or data entry work near your home is enough to you and better you just need a start. I know and believe that in yourself .You just need focus and read everything I said above. Benefits:  After Having a job you  can start getting salary it does not a matter it is less than others, at least you are life time learner. In a company Everyone from employees to boss is learners. The better you learn from your seniors, teachers the more you earn. Precaution:Do not follow negative people in the company. Do not follow the people who are cheating behind the MD or owners. Just work honestly! Just focuses on your task and do not introduce yourself in office politics.

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