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Bachelors of art (Honours) is a 3-year undergraduate course, this course is very popular amongst the students. This course gives you a wide variety of subjects to choose from, it gives the students an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Students can apply for this course after completing their 12th from any board, admission procedure depends on the students merit, every college has a different cut-off for different subjects if you match the cut-off you get an admission. This is a widely chosen course across the globe as students get to choose a subject of their choice and make a career in the same subject. You can go for a  2 years master’s degree (MA) in the subject of your choice. Many reputed colleges in India offer this course to students. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BA (HONS) AND BA (PROG)? Both BA (Hons) and BA (prog) are of 3 years but both the degrees have different values. The first big difference between both degrees is that in BA (prog) you cannot have a specialization in one subject but you will have to study 5 subjects at one time, whereas in BA(Hons) your course focuses on one subject of your choice. The subject and syllabus vary in both the courses. BA (Hons) is a more reputed course as it gives students a specialization and in-depth knowledge in one particular subject for ex English, history, psychology etc.  

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