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under costruction written by sagar the great

Placement means when a person completed his course after that some company hires the student from the college campus. This is the final call for which we study from our childhood were some of the student getting a satisfying placement and some not. There are some criteria for some college where they get the hire placement because they are the high rated institute where to get admission we have to crack the entrance exam like CAT, MAT, CMAT, SNAP, GMAT, and IELTS etc. Most of the student prepare for these entire exams to crack it and at last to get a higher package of salary. But, In reality, they don’t know the real and most important about the placement that their only some student who gets a higher package salary and rest of them get an average salary package just because of some less quality it doesn’t matter from which college you have completed your PGDM. To get excellent placement first we have to know each and everything that we have to study and where we want to go. We have to know our path and requirement of the path because if we know our loophole we can take us to forward and we need to put time and effort to search a right job. We have to follow the step by step things to get a satisfied job placement. Aptitude test: It is a skill assessment test where we need a hard practice for these type of exams. We have practice by several apps which are used these days and we can also buy some exercise book for the better preparation of aptitude test. Generally, the aptitude test includes some basic and important skill like:- Communication skill, reasoning, and basic knowledge all these things we have to make perfect from our side by practice online, by gaining opinion from the teacher or the test taker as feedback. Tips to remember during interview preparation time or time. 1.)when giving an interview he asked the basic things from us that part we have to make strong and very effective to make or to feel something is different in it. Because hr always ask some question to know you or understand what kind of person we are so, we make it clear in an effective way. 2.) During the preparation of your targeted interview, you have to practice or prepare for some common interview also because it also affects us by confidence, communication skill, and being so confident or mature person. There is some question during the campus interview time. 1. Why do you want to join this company? 2. What’s your favorite subject in high graduation? 3. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in class? 4. What are three interesting things about you that I wouldn’t know from your application? 6. What’s an example of an obstacle, a failure, or a mistake that you learned from? 3.) During the interview, you have to show interest in the job profile because if the interviewer knows about this interest then definitely he is going to shortlist you because of your knowledge, basic skill and communication skill. 4.) Group discussion is also a very important thing for the campus interview because we have to work in a good profession or in a family where we have to take others suggestion as well we give the suggestion to handle the situation during the stress or critical situation. 5.) One most important think dress formally or well looked because the first impression is the last impression.Because Right body language and formal dress code always get plus points for you. We are not going to test for what we know about our area or expertise they also notice how we are going to represent me in front of them. 6.) Research about the company for which you are going to the interview and read all the necessary things about the company. Because sometimes HR asks some question related to the company at that you will able to answer the question. 7.) If you have two-way communication then can ask the question to the HR like: what are the growth plans of the company what are the beneficial tool they use and what is the future plan of the company that we have. And at last, you have to prepare for the beginning and the end of the interview because the beginning of the interview makes an impression on the interviewer and they almost decide whether or not you are fit for the job. End of the interview draws your last impression, immediately after which evaluation is done.

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