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  • Career Option After BCA

    • January 18, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    Students often get confused after pursuing BCA regarding their career choice. There are plenty of options available to them which make it difficult to choose a course.
    If you have an interest in higher studies then go for MCA but if you want to take a job and have a keen interest in technology then there are various streams and certifications available. Let’s take a look and dig deeper about it.

    Back end development:

    Back end development is a vast field. If you have an interest in data structure and algorithm then back end development will be a cakewalk for you. To adorn yourself with the right skills, you can do some certifications. If you want to go ahead in Java then there is nothing more reliable than Oracle certifications. Oracle offers a number of certification for java such as. OCA and OCP. Oracle certifications still have market values and will be very helpful to showcase your skills to your possible employer.
    If you are more interested in Python then start working on some free projects available on GitHub.

    Future-ready courses :

    Artificial intelligence and robotics these two skills are taking over the tech industry with a storm. As companies are more interested in automated their work, artificial intelligence would replace several jobs. If you want to be future ready then learn these high demand skills. Today, Google and other companies are testing driverless cars and near future, they’ll have planes without pilots. If artificial intelligence appeal you then there is no reason to leave this field.

    Do you love the look and feel the side of the development?

    If you love colors and design then front end development is there for you. You can start with basic HTML, CSS and Javascript later you can learn more advanced technologies such as react js and angular js. Once you feel comfortable then you can opt for TWB certification for angular js by Google itself to take your skills at the further level. Earlier, Front end development was frown upon by the developer community but in recent years, it’s emerging as one of the best career options. There is no dearth of jobs for a front end developer. If you love canvas then definitely go for front end development.

    Master of all trades :

    Full stack development is another hot field. It’s also called a mean stack development. Many companies do not like to hire separate developers for their projects and full stack developers are always their darling. If you have an interest in both back end and front end field then go for full stack development. There are various certifications available in the market to boost your technical knowledge.

    Web development :

    If you are more interested in web development then you can start preparing for it from the very beginning of your course. You can start with WordPress development then go for small websites.

    Web development is becoming easier with every passing day as new tools keep coming. It’s your personal choice if you want to do Front end development or back end. PHP is the language of the web. You can start with vanilla PHP and gradually start learning other popular frameworks of PHP such as YII, Laravel. You can become a certified Laravel developer and hence get the edge over other developers.

    Web designing :

    If you are interested in web development but coding is not your cup of tea then don’t be disappointed. Web designing is also an essential part of web development. It does not require to learn code, you just need to be perfect in using various designing tools and you should have the power of imagination. Imagine your best and use freely available tools to learn the skills. You’ll get a job very easily. Initially, you might feel underpaid but as your imagination and experience increase, there would be no limit on your earning.

    Android is here to stay for long:

    Another interesting career choice after doing BCA could be mobile app development. There are majorly two app stores one for the Android and another for the iPhone users. There is a certificate by the Google developer to get mastery in android development. They provide enough material to get success in the field of Android development. Another field is the iPhone development for which you need to learn objective C language. It’s a personal choice whether you want to go for Android development of for the iPhone development but current trends show that Android is here to stay for long.

    Do you love to play with data:

    Some students do not like to code. Are you one among those who love to play with data rather than writing a thousand lines of code. Data Analysis is another hot trend in the industry. A few years back, there was a very little scope of data analysis but now as data is increasing immensely, every company needs a data analyst who can analyze their raw data and convert it into some meaningful format. Big data and Hadoop certification will make your job easy after your graduation. If you look at the current market trend, you can easily figure out that Big data jobs are one of the highest paid jobs. To work with data, you need to learn a little bit of Python. Python is the language of data and its quite easy to learn.
    It might seem a little bit difficult initially to learn Big data but after practicing for some time, you’ll feel comfortable in playing with an enormous amount of data.

    Game development:

    Games are immensely popular among children and youngsters. Many companies hire a dedicated game developer to make new and interesting games. If you too are a game lover and want to learn the logic behind it then don’t wait for anything else.
    There are quite other fields as well, but in this post, we have discussed basic and trending jobs. Apart from earning certifications, there are many e-learning platforms which are providing world-class education at a minimal cost. If you want to take basic ideas then take some fundamental

    courses from Coursera, Udemy, edx, etc. Learn fundamentals from these websites and then keep practicing to get mastery in your choice of field.
    Good luck and Happy coding!