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  • Does getting a PGDM makes someone a better entrepreneur?

    • January 11, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    Does getting a PGDM makes someone a better entrepreneur?

    Before questioning such thing, you need to ask yourself for what you are really and actually looking for.

    You see there are many colleges out there that provide entrepreneurial activities as a specialisation in PGDM course but does it solve your purpose?

    You need to ask yourself for what’s your purpose to do a PGDM, because a person can be a better entrepreneur just by working hard too.

    What’s your perspective behind this question? To clarify your doubt and all these questions, let me explain you the role of PGDM in relation to entrepreneur.

    PGDM is a two-year post-graduation diploma course in management which serves 4 to 5 specializations in different discipline. In some colleges, one of them is learning the art of entrepreneurial activities or business as well.

    You see, PGDM can be helpful to you due to the following:

    • Importance of management

    PGDM explains or teaches a student the real definition or the hidden meaning behind the art of management.

    Management sure seems a very easy word but when it comes to practices, the world turns upside down.

    How many of you have tried to manage their room and ended up into a great mess, okay forget room, what about table? How often do you clean it? When was the last time you cleaned the chaos in your book cabinet?

    Its easy to say that management is nothing but a cup of tea but when it comes to making of tea, many people give up on the same. Anyone can make tea but perfection is what the world expects. You see tea is an emotion, you cannot just mess up with its ingredients.

    So just like the example of tea and its ingredients, the tea is a company and the ingredients are the management. One wrong step can lead to bitter taste and one corrective measure can lead to sweetful delight!

    • Guide

    There are separate subjects that are related to the aspect of entrepreneurship. Even in BBA, 5th semester includes a subject related to the same discipline.

    These subjects help guide a student in a better way. Thinking of an idea is great but implementing the same is difficult.

    For example, if someone who is a content writer or say a freelancer, and wants to open his or her own website. At first, he or she would be like all I have to do is make a payment at wordpress.com and my work is done.

    But do you really think that it is it?

    No! you need to purchase a domain name, a security for your website and a website designer. After that you need to link all these three so that they are connected and your money is used at the right place.

    Now is the time when your real work is started. You need to start posting blogs to make your site happening. What? Did you forget about the content? Isn’t it obvious that you need post regularly and that too your content should be heck of a master piece!

    Its not IG where you can post whenever you are in the mood to. To run your business, you need to work smartly.

    All these strategies, all the problems that one can face while opening up a business are taught to students so that they can be prepared of any type or sort of threats that can come up in their way.

    • Type-of experience

    PGDM makes every student undergo internship as well as training so that a student would know about how the practical world really works, and how to implement all those things that they have been studying in books from years!

    So, going through internships and trainings help students gain sort of experience which is quite beneficial for the entrepreneur. A person who is thinking of opening his or her own business should intern under the same type of sector so that he or she get to learn more as well as get to know about the various competitors in the market.

    This is an amazing opportunity for an entrepreneur as he or she gets to know about the surroundings and how to deal with the environment, not just that, one gets to learn about the various types of feasibilities that would be connected to his or her business in the future.

    • Eye-opener

    PGDM is an eye-opener. As I have discussed many points related to the same above you can pretty much say that PGDM helps a student learn or gain more knowledge about the field, about the various opportunities & threats.

    At times, studying about something that you are going to implement in your life is quite beneficial as it becomes an eye-opener and assures you or keeps on asking you for whether you made the right decision or not? Or that you are doing the right thing or not?

    So overall PGDM is quite beneficial for an entrepreneur but the answer to the above question will be neutral because it depends from person to person. At times instead going through the whole course, people prefer to read novels or guides related to the same topic which becomes a huge shortcut to them.

    Many entrepreneurs can continue with their start-up right after their bachelors as well or in between the same too. It does not matter, if you think you can deal with it and you know the answers and its your implementation stage then go for it, implement things. But if you think that there are lots of things where you are loosening up a bit you can always join a course and learn more about your sector.

    So, the question was, “does doing PGDM makes someone a better entrepreneur?”

    The answer is NEUTRAL.