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    • August 12, 2018
    • Posted By : admin

    The women’s athletic team after winning the Track and Field competition of the XIX Commonwealth Games


    Since independence, India has come a long way not only in terms of economic status and development but also in the sports arena. Recently concluded Asian games held in Indonesia, India finished off in style with a total of 69 medals (Gold 15 Silver 24 Bronze 30) and was placed at 8th position. It is India’s 2nd ever best performance after common wealth games of 2010. Also in other various international platforms like common wealth games, world championship,etc India has proved its contendership. Solely, it is the result of growing culture of sports and the support which is provided to these sportsmans and athletes by the government and the people of this country. Various attractive incentives provided to these sportsmans and the infrastructure provided to them is working as a motivational source . Also a crucial role is being played by the parents of respective players in giving the liberty to choose sports as their career.These players are not leaving any stone unturned in their performance and also their dedicated efforts and perseverance is bringing the euphoric results.

    As we know ,participation in sports benefits health and helps in character building.But even today there exists some backward areas where sports is confined to school and streets. Orthodoxity of parents related to sports has been proved wrong not only single time but several times. A time existed when state like Haryana was known for its low sex ratio. But the tenacity of women sports players has proved it wrong and at present has aced the different level of sports. Names like  PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Manika Batra are no new for we Indians.They showed the real power of women to the world.

    Advantages of sports

    Running is the best form of excercise


    Sports and physical activities can make a immense contribution to the well being of people . Exercise and physical activity have long been used in the treatment and rehabilitating the communicable and non communicable diseases.Sports may play a therapeutic role in addressing  number of psychological disorders. Some of the main advantages are given below-:

    • Reduced blood pressure : Physical activity keeps heart and blood vessels healthy,curing hypertension.
    • Improves cardiovascular health : Playing sports regularly improves the efficiency of heart as it increases the pumping amount of blood.
    • Improved muscular strength and endurance : Intense workout helps to build muscular system,resultting in biggerand stronger muscles.
    • Control cholestrol : Exercise decreases LDL(bad cholestrol) levels and increases HDL(good cholestrol) levels.

    Sports culture in India

    Most popular sports in India


    India is home to a diverse population playing a diverse range of sports across the country. As we know the national game of India is Hockey in which India has won 8 olympic medals mostly before the 1980s. Kabaddi, an indigenous sport is popular in rural India mostly played in the state like Haryana and Punjab. India has been doing well in tis sport even before it got independence. Over the years ,in India ,we have seen immense growth of sport fan following. Indian audience has gone beyond  celebrating cricket. Football,Kbaddi,Badminton,Tennis matches, much more  than before.

    “It is believed that economic and poltical state of any country is reflected in its sports.”

    This is the reason countries like USA ,China ,Russia,Great Britain, Germany has excelled at the world’s biggest sporting event. They have the best infrastructure available for their athletes. Although their athletes have the best facilities which became a reason for their success.

    Though India is the 6th largest economy of the world but still it has failed to provide necessary equipments to the sportsman due to which many players had to move to foreign countries for practicing their sports.

    Indian government initiative to start sports campaign like “Khelo India” has worked like jelly in the cake. A healthy competition has started to revolve among the school and university players. Young players have got the opportunity to showcase their talent at national level and a chance to get noticed by the selectors. Earlier the condition was so worst that even a competent player was not provided any support by the government and unfortunately they had to leave sports in order to earn their livelihood . Also the condition was so outrageous that a brass player has to move to foreign countries for their professional training before participating in any big tournament.

    After the acquisition of many great players,India need to uphold its reputation and have to strive hard continiously to include itself among top sporting countries.Government has to play its major role in making various sports policies that will uplift the sporting culture of India. Alongside the government, Indian media will have to play a vital role in unearthing the talent and to feed the readers about the rise of young talents.The day is not far away when India will be among top 5 nations in the medal tally of olympics.

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