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  • Hosteller’s life vs. Non-Hosteller’s life.

    • March 30, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    This article was updated on 2 June 2020.

    Once you get admission into the college of your choice, there comes a very important question of whether to live in a hostel or not. Some students want to enjoy hostel life while others want to
    remain non-hosteller.

    Everyone has a different taste and preference, depending on one’s situation, they make decisions, so the same is true for choosing a hostel life or non-hostel life.

    If you recently got admission in a college or are planning to take admission in this session and haven’t decided on the staying part, let us ease your decision by giving a brief introduction of both hostel life and non-hostel life.

    Let’s discuss a few pros and cons

    Below we have curated some pros and cons of staying in a hostel or deciding to stay outside the hostel, by giving a wider perspective of two staying options.

    Benefits of getting a hostel:

    There are numerous benefits to living in a hostel. Let’s take a look one by one.

    A comfortable life:

    You may feel comfortable in the hostel because once you deposited your fees there, you don’t need to run here and there to collect basic amenities such as a bed, almirah, table chair, etc. You’ll get food at specific intervals. Mostly Hostels are situated near the college campus so you don’t need to wait for long for public transport and you can utilize your spared travel time in other activities.

    Fixed schedule:

    If you are living in a hostel, your schedule will be fixed, because they serve at a specific time and you have to adjust your schedule around your hostel timings. In that way, the hostel disciplines a student’s life.

    Bonding with other students, a friendly atmosphere:

    College hostels have a very friendly atmosphere, where you get lots of students similar to you. Initially, when students are feeling homesickness, they start to bond over various things.

    Common problems bind them together. You’ll make good friends there, who will be there for you in every situation throughout your stay in the hostel and beyond.

    Various activities:

    Mostly, hostels organize various activities, for example, you may have a welcome party where you get an opportunity to meet and greet your seniors and at the end of the semester, your hostel may organize a hostel night. These events are fun-filled and leave a mark in a student’s memory forever.

    Apart from these hostel specific activities, there is a different type of activities that go on throughout the year, you just need to take part in them.

    Time saver:

    Mostly, hostels are situated inside the college campus or very near to your college campus. Thus, it’s a great time saver, you can utilize the time in productive activities that otherwise could have wasted in commutation.

    Disadvantages of being a hosteller:

    Everything comes at a cost and your hostel life cannot be untouched by this proverb. There might be a few disadvantages of being a hosteller, let’s find out-

    Too many restrictions:

    sometimes, you might feel that there are so many restrictions in the hostel. Especially girls hostels have strict timelines, hostels set these timelines to make sure students’ safety but sometimes it becomes so harsh that students feel suffocated.


    Most of the time, hostels have a fixed food menu. Initially, students like hostel food very much but after some time, they start to get bored with repetitive food items. Sometimes, you might get very pathetic food, and sometimes it may taste very good.
    Instant noodles and coffee become a student’s favorite snacks as they do not require much effort and resources. If you are going to stay in a hostel, don’t forget to bring a thermal bottle and electric kettle.

    Privacy issues:

    Usually, four students live together in one hostel room. Sometimes you might feel privacy breach issues. Sometimes, you just want to spend alone time but if you are staying in a hostel then it’s not possible.

    Perks of being a non-hosteller:

    There are some advantages of a non-hosteller life, let’s take a look.

    Fewer restrictions:

    If you are not staying in a hostel, and you are living with friends or in a PG then you are called a non-hosteller. Clearly, non-hostellers have fewer to no restrictions. This is the biggest perk of being a non-hosteller. You can decide on your own schedule.

    It can make you a better cook:

    If you are staying with your friends or in a PG then you might have to cook sometimes. Slowly, you learn how to cook food for your survival.
    You can cook whatever you like most. You could have varieties of food and twist it according to your taste.

    No long queues to the washroom:

    It seems funny but its actually not and it’s quite an important issue. Because you cannot understand the pain of standing in long queues of the washroom without staying in a fully occupied hostel. As a non-hosteller, you have this luxury of not waiting outside a washroom for 1 hour or so.

    A sense of freedom:

    Non-hostellers could exercise freedom. They don’t have to give attendance twice, once in college and second time in the hostel. They can come and go to their stay without any restrictions.

    Challenges of a non-hosteller:

    Everything has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the challenges faced by a non-hosteller.

    Sometimes, you may miss information:

    You may miss useful information if you are not staying in a hostel. Hosteller is the one who gets
    the information first. Sometimes, you may miss information related to the project work or schedule of a class.

    Arranging things on our own could be a tough task:

    If you are not staying in a hostel, you have to make arrangements for your food. If there is some issue in your room such as electricity or plumbing related issues, you have to take care of this on your own.


    If your friends go to their native place, you might feel lonely because you don’t have anyone else to talk to. In the case of a hostel, the hostel can never be completely vacant in normal scenarios. Sometimes, you may feel utterly bored due to a lack of activities.


    It’s quite difficult to reach a conclusion about whether hosteller life is better than the life of non-hostellers and vice versa. It depends on your interest and conditions. Whether you stay in a hostel or in a PG, just enjoy the golden period of your life and make lots of good memories so that you can rejoice them in your whole life.