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  • How a Student can Effectively use Technology For his Growth?

    • September 22, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    With the advent of technology, our demands have changed continuously. There was a time when students were taught by the teachers under the tree giving them the real knowledge of this world. Earlier school were known as GURUKUL and the students were known as Sishya. Teachers were known as Acharya. This was all about the ancient times but in today’s world, it’s very rare to see these type of schools and teachers. Technology has changed the face of the world especially education due to which a vast number of students and teachers has been benefited from this. It depends upon the student to take out the best out of the technology. In this era, technology has reduced the distance between teachers and students. In the 1990’s when it was mandatory to attend the class in order to gain the knowledge is unlike today’s scenario where DLP(distance learning programme) is the first preference of students. Now al the assignments, projects can be done at home and can be submitted online. Now, attendance is not the barrier in getting the quality education.

    It has made it easy for the students to learn anywhere, anytime in any part of the world. Youth is also interested in learning the new components of technology as they are enthusiastic to know something new.

    Here are a few points that can help students to save their time and do the work in an efficient way:

    1. Making electronic notes through various software

    With time students have changed their way of studying which not only improves their grades but also the quality of learning. Now students prefer to make electronic notes rather than handwritten notes. I too make electronic notes which saves my lot of time and saves ample amount of time that I can use in doing something productive. Now the common question coming in mind would be that through which software should we make notes? There is plethora software on the internet available through which you can make e-notes. Some of the best software are Evernote, MS note, etc. Choose the software in which you feel comfortable to make notes and notes are totally reliable. I mean to say that notes can be saved properly can be opened in any device so that in any mishappening you can sync the notes again. Also, you can share your notes with your friends and colleagues.

    2. Online tutorials and e-lectures

    These are the best resources available to a student willing to learn something new. The whole world is now at the tip of students. The online course, lectures of  IIT professors are far ahead only by a click. As we are highly influenced by digital technologies, it becomes mandatory to know the pro and cons of the gadgets. For a teenager, it’s very easy to get distracted by various non-educational videos and other apps. But the control has to be developed by the student itself if he wants to excel in his future. Websites like Udemy, Udacity, Course era, etc are providing a platform for those students who are interested in developing a new skill.

    3. Various Google apps like drive, docs

    These apps are highly useful and are used by lots of students in order to save the assignments that can be edited by them or sent directly to the teacher. Keeping your documents in this drive enables you to edit, print, share your task with your friends or colleagues irrespective of your location. It is widely used by office workers in order to keep their work updated. Also one of its main advantages includes that if you want to share any document with your employee then you need not upload that document. You can directly provide the link of that particular that file that you want to send. Another app which is docs have similar features to the word but it is more advanced. It can help you to make online notes and share it with your friends. A single document can be edited by anyone in the group which prevents the unnecessary sending of files reiterated.

    4. Social Media Sites

    Many people would disagree with this point as they think that it is only wastage of time. But I need to make clear that controlled use of anything is never bad and using social media sites is never harmful until you start wasting your precious hours. My advice would be that follow some good informative pages so that you are aware of your surroundings and you are least distracted by this platform. Also, I will suggest you not to use WhatsApp as it wastes a lot of time rather you can text. Using social media becomes sometimes vital in order to know about the surrounding and also it refreshes your mind.

    So, guys, these were some efficient ways to use technology positively. Just remember one thing that every coin has two faces. Similarly, technology has various pros and cons. It totally depends upon you that how you utilize it.