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  • How do I tackle the question, ”why MBA?”

    • January 13, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    There are many people out there who ask you the question, “why MBA?” which keeps on bugging you because lately you haven’t prepared some hard reason that you can copy paste everywhere, and so you start describing everything, even your dreams and ambitions.

    And the most hurting thing is that they don’t even care they are just passing their time by asking irrelevant questions from your which are huge fun for them but a huge torture for us.

    The world would have been easier if you could just say, “none of your business” but no matter what there are some people with whom you need to talk nicely and cannot just act rude!

    So, let me help you with the question, “why MBA?”

    MBA i.e. Masters of Business Administration is a 2-year degree course that sharpens the skills of the students in a marvellous way. It provides a new experience to the student, a new environment, how to deal with the same, education, practical knowledge of the theory world, and etc.

    So, lets highlight the important points for why one should go for MBA?

    1. Effective CV and career opportunities

    MBA gives a push start to your career. There are many companies out there which are expecting students to hold a post-graduation and not just their bachelors.

    So, MBA brings joy to your CV. As the competition is tough in the present era so MBA is a great choice as it provides various career opportunities.

    1. Career growth

    It’s an obvious that having a post-graduation degree excels your career growth. As I have mentioned above that there are man companies out there who expects candidates to have a PG Degree shows the effectiveness of MBA in career growth.

    1. Self-growth

    MBA not only enhances your career growth but also pushes your self-growth. Here self-growth can be defined as your personality, perception and attitude.

    In a corporate sector, personality is everything because be it any industry or any sector, a person should have a positive perspective only then can he sell the products of the company.

    Talking about attitude, it is something that defines your personality. Every person has a type of attitude but apparently the present gen has ruined the meaning of attitude.

    Attitude can be either positive or negative. Its something that provides a reflection or a footprint of you in others mind.

    So you see, MBA helps to sharpen the skills of personality, attitude as well as perception.

    1. Business Administration

    The following degree provides an in-depth knowledge about how the mechanism of business works. Not just that it also elaborates the various techniques to be followed when it comes to running of an administration.

    Administration is a huge word. Management comes under administration.

    Administration is basically the structure of an organisation on the basis of which, further business is commenced.

    So doing MBA gives you an advantage to attain the knowledge of business administration. Because these two words are of highly importance and no matter in whichsoever sector you are, be it IT, be it industry, you need to learn about business administration. So, pursuing MBA gives you a jackpot in the same!

    1. Specific business skills

    There are many specializations under MBA, for example:

    • HR
    • Marketing
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Entrepreneurial activities
    • Research and development

    So, from the above specializations you can pretty much tell that MBA provides specific business skills as per your needs.

    Students can choose the specialization as per their choice because The World of Business is really huge, it includes all sectors, so if you want to indulge yourself in the IT sector then MBA IT is the best option for you.

    1. A toolkit of qualities

    MBA provides a toolkit of qualities that sharpens a student. These qualities can be said as

    • Leadership quality- A student pursuing MBA is taught about leadership precisely. Because a time may come in life where a candidate has to take over and be the boss of something. But leadership does not mean becoming the boss of everyone, it means guiding others for the achievement of organisational goals and objectives, for staffing, for clearing a correct path which will be followed in the near future.
    • Decision making- MBA helps a student learn how to make decisions quickly, and wisely. You see, when a company is going through a bad situation, pressure falls on everyone, so making a correct decision in such a situation is what everyone is looking for.
    • Strategic planning-MBA teaches students about strategic planning. You see, it can be any industry or sector, but to run a corporation you need to have a plan. A plan will help you define the near future goals and objectives to be obtained.
    • Willpower- MBA teaches you the importance of will power. If a candidate is really into problem solving, he or she will solve the query no matter how long will it take. MBA teaches to focus on your willpower, to never give up.
    • Team- MBA builds the quality of team membership. At times, people do not adjust with one another, due to which grudges and clashes lead to failure. So, MBA teaches a student for how t manage himself or herself while being in a team. It teaches how to make adjustments; it explains the importance of team. Because you may be a pro in IT but the other would be a pro in marketing. So, you need him or her.

    So, you see if you are looking for such a question, then you can come up with thousands of answers. So, you need to ask yourself for why did you choose MBA. And coming to shut the people, all you can say is for your career growth. And if someone starts arguing or debating then just tell him or her that this is your decision and if they are so against MBA then maybe they shouldn’t pursue the same.

    Always remember, if someone asks you a question and you hesitate then maybe your objective is not clear!