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  • How Does BBA helps in Opening up a Business Enterprise?

    • January 12, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on How Does BBA helps in Opening up a Business Enterprise?

    So, Here I am with another article, BOOM! How does BBA helps in opening up a business? hmm…! First let me tell you something about BBA! What is BBA? BBA is basically a commerce stream that you can take in your college life if you want to work for an organisation, as a CEO, Chartered Accountant, Economists, or want to open your own business, or maybe want to continue your family business, etc.etc. then you are at the right place. BBA: Bachelors of Business Administration! Bachelors that is the youngsters or the teens crossing there school line and entering the whole new World of college life. Now the question comes, why BBA? why not BCOM? I mean duh! BCOM is more relatable, don’t you think? nah! cause that’s where you are wrong matey! so lemme help you with it. BCOM is also a stream and stands for Bachelors of COMmerce. So why not BCOM, if it is also a commerce line?

    Let me clear your doubts! BBA teaches you or gives you the guidelines to work under an administration in the World of Business, i.e. you can become the CEO, or CA, or a manager or you can open up your own business, or as I told you before continuing your family business right? And BCOM is a stream that is only about commerce and not about the organisations and working in an administration. BBA is totally based on management, And on the other hand BCOM is a specialized course. You can make a career in banking line, CA, or etc… in both the lines, the difference is that BCOM  is more into accountancy, taxation, etc… And BBA helps you how to manage stuff in an organisation or build your own business.

    So this is the reason behind, why people opt for BBA instead of BCOM when they are willing to have a career in a business administration, or thinking up of opening there own enterprise. so isn’t it cool at least now you finally know where you are heading towards, and can think of all the further career lines you can opt for! Here’s to the new beginning! yay! BOOM! idk why I say that but its like boom lets begin, boom lets party, boom I am getting of the topic, Boom I should really stop it now, Boom its annoying now you bitch!

    Jeez I’m on fire! So sorryy for getting off the topic! So where was I? yah! BBA.

    BBA has an amazing journey, If you are looking forward to build in a career in the World of Business, then welcome homie! So, How does BBA actually helps us if we want to open an enterprise or our own business or something?

    1. BBA- The full form of this tini tiny word defines, how BBA will help us in opening our own enterprise. Bachelors of Business Administration, Do I need to explain, cause the words speaks itself, ( gehraiyo mai jao baachhaa! ).
    2. BBA is a commerce stream and provides such subjects that are definitely gonna help us to open up our own enterprise or business. But its not easy, its not like magic like chumantar, or abra ka dabra, gilli gilli chu, oh re guru ho ja shuru (like Sidhu Pajji). You need to concentrate and understand what is being taught! I know there are a lot of subjects that you prefer too for the well known process of Ratafication but whats the use if you didn’t understood matey! you gotta understand the concepts or else you are going down! Its not that easy to be successful, you gotta work hard. Life is not that easy baby! Don’t think it of as a joke. Ok! I’m being a little dramatic and giving a philosophical lecture over here, but dude at the end its true re! You gotta listen to the song of Rihana, ” work” and apply it in your life, work hard dude!  BBA is not that difficult but is also not that easy matey! if you think you can crack that baby out by studying one night before the exam then BAAAAMMMM! you are going down! cause that ain’t gonna happen. And if once you got a supply, its difficult to get out of it, cause dude you will get graduated but don’t mind your supply will be there for you! xD I’m lit. So no kidding, take every subject seriously. Now the question that would be popping out in your brain would be subjects like? so let me tell you, in the very first year your subjects will be management, statistics (yah! maths- look who was talking about studying one night before the examination), Accounts, Economics and few additional subjects. For me, Accounts was the most difficult one, and still is. One tip that I would like to give you is If there is a new subject or else you think that you can face a little bit of difficulties in that subject, never miss a lecture of that subject, I repeat homie! NEVER! And start making notes, cause this ain’t your school that the teacher is gonna make you write anything, no no no no! this is a college dude! if you don’t want to write your wish. At first, it feels like woah! no notebooks, no working, yay! parttttyyyyyy! but later on you realize that you should have noted the stuff out during the lectures, so don’t take it as a joke, cause your career depends on totally you and your capabilities.
    3. BBA provides you the subjects that will teach you how to work in an organisation, and will make a pro in it.
    4. BBA is a stream that totally helps you in opening up an enterprise or your own business as it teaches you from the basics that how to manage stuff, how to organize your work and other stuff, how to do staffing, how to cooperate and co ordinate with your fellow members, how to deal with the outsiders, how to divide the work in such a way that the organization works towards its goals, and to collect the data and direct the team in a way that they all become goal oriented, And to form an organisation that could reach towards the skies.