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  • How to improve internal marks?

    • July 19, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    This article was updated on 15th June 2020.

    When your semester exams are near you wonder what are you going to do about the internal marks, actually the main thing you think of is to get passed and that can be done with the help of good internal marks. But many students are unable to understand the concept of it.
    So, let me explain you the procedure of marks system during semester exams.
    80 marks out of 100 – belongs to the syllabus part, the things you have been studying from the starting of that particular semester.
    20 marks out of 100 – belongs to the internal marks.
    But what are internal marks basically?
    Internal marks are that part of the semester which counts in your examination with a vote of 20% in total.
    It basically includes the result of the mid-semester test, your behaviour, your performance in class, and your attendance.
    Well, some teachers take it leniently but some take it as a game to play on.
    So here are the 10 tips to score better internal marks:
    1. Mid-semester Tests: MSTs put an important weightage when it comes to internal marks, so if you are trying to score better in internal marks, well you have to score well in MSTs as well. Plus MSTs always help to prepare for the semester exam, so either way preparing for it is a must and is beneficial for you.
    And yes MSTs are exactly like the unit tests in school life, their marks count too, so one must take them seriously.
    Well, MSTs mostly cover half of the syllabus and helps you prepare for semester exams, as I have mentioned above, but if you face difficulty in it, you may observe that the assignments given to you are exactly related to your syllabi so if you will just prepare for those questions, you can definitely seal the deal if the assignment is relatable.
    2. Assignment: College is not a place where you can mess up with the assignments you have to do it, whether you copy it from someone else, or you complete it on the deadline date, all it matters is the successful submission of your assignment as per the deadline mentioned. So always make sure to submit an assignment on time. Assignments are not something that you can take leniently. To be honest, it’s not just a paper, it contains the value of the whole damn book. Plus when it comes to internal marks, a teacher always remembers who submitted the assignment and when the cause that’s where she or he gets to play. So be aware of the assignments or just start being friends with geeks or studious people of your class who generally attempt to finish the assignment 3-4 days before the deadline/ submission date.
    3. Behavior: When it comes to college life, everyone thinks that all that matters is the performance here, but what do you think is the true definition of performance when it comes to college? The performance of a student is basically the whole you, i.e. Your mark sheet, your behaviour with your classmates and teachers, your rate of attendance and so on
    So make sure you are behaving in a manner that no one puts a finger on you. It’s not just the school life, but the behaviour is something with which you have to follow up in the rest of the life
    So behaviour does count in college life. So make sure to behave properly, and have a nice bond with your classmates and teachers, because if you have been a bad student in front of a teacher that teacher may cut your marks at the times of internal marks. So be aware of the consequences. And try to make a positive behaviour of your own self.
    4. Attendance: Though internal marks are just a matter of fact of about 20 marks, but it plays a major role in that 20. These days every college and university has brought up the rule of 75% attendance which many students take lightly and later on feel the guilt about it. Because missing classes and not covering 75% attendance gets you in a way of Fine and sometimes not letting you give one or two subject semester exams. So don’t take attendance lightly.
    When students are in school, they feel like going to college as soon as they can, because they hear out such cool stories about bunking, trips, etc etc, which does happen, but the things that more often happens are not mentioned to them. Well obviously everyone wants to flaunt and not show their wound, so there would be very fewer seniors who would tell you that 75% means 75% only when you are in school. Though the game totally changes as you hit the college gates, because then every senior realizes its time to show you some reality.
    I am not saying that college is no fun, it is fun actually! But its a college, you go there to inhale studies with oxygen obviously!
    So do take the rule of 75% attendance seriously or else you may suffer later.
    Internal marks are not something that should be taken leniently. Internal marks count in the marks sheet and uphold 20 marks. If you are smart enough to examine the fact, that you have such an amazing opportunity to score 20/20 in your internal marks, if you think and act smartly. Internal marks are not something to be taken as lightly and are not a joke, so make sure to perform well in class and behave in a manner so that the teacher has got nothing against you. In the end, it’s all about your marks sheet.